Charm Brush Set Review : A Year After

my stormy week

How’s everyone? To those who experienced the great Glenda storm with me, I hope you’re well and safe. I was writing “tips for blog photos” when it hit my city big time. Trees fell, billboards flew, and a huge post landed on top of our car knocking all electricity and internet down for four long days. Crazy right? It felt like at any minute a gang of zombies would appear on the streets.

Thankfully, things are being replaced and cleared out as I’m typing this. And as for me, I just spent hours cleaning up my own jungle (and these brushes). Oh if you saw my room hours ago you’d think Glenda passed directly through and wrecked it.

that’s the way the rookie crumbles

I bought this beginners brush set (as I call it, Charm’s didn’t really name it that way) back when I had very little idea what they were for. Who knew there were more than two types of brushes? I thought a big brush (for the cheeks) and a small brush (lids) were all I needed. For around P2500 I got a set of 14 basic brushes and a nifty leather organizer, packaged inside a box that looks a lot like Sigma’s. Not bad I thought, since 2 MAC brushes cost around the same.

The brushes are soft except for one the blush brush, which was slightly uncomfortable. But they all easily became a staple in my makeup routine anyway. A year after and they remain soft as ever and they never shed on me. Although the blush, contour, blending brushes are already showing signs of bad “fly-away” hair days. Then a month ago I had to glue the stippling and contour brush heads to their bodies (that sounded creepy) cause the factory glue used on them didn’t hold so well. It feels like they are slowly perishing.

I still think this set has served my makeup well. If you’re just starting up your own makeup collection and you can get it for a discounted price, it’s worth a shot. But if not, in my opinion the Real Techniques brushes are cheaper and have better quality :) What brush set are you using?  I’m planning to upgrade mine by the end of the year, maybe Sigma or Zoeva? What do you think?