Giveaway Winner : Quick DIY Thank You Card

Okay my blog is starting to look like it’s owned by a 12 year old lol. Excuse the popsicle and excessive pastel colors. Promise I will tone it down. I wanted to announce the giveaway winner in a more thoughtful way, that’s why I made this card. And I just wanna say that even though it is technically addressed to someone else, the message on the card is meant for everyone who joined the giveaway so if you’re reading this muchos gracias for joining :)

And congratulations to Juvy for winning my blog’s first year anniversary giveaway! Hope you like the perfumes!

For those interested at how I made the card ― the steps (inspired by one of Martha Stewart’s DIY invitation cards, thanks Martha!) are very easy. Cut out a piece of (purple) paper 6.5 x 5 inches in size then fold into half. Glue a white swirly shaped paper on top of it, and cut out the entire card again into a Popsicle Ice Cream shape. After that, attach the stick inside the card and conceal it with another slightly smaller white paper as show on the pics below, and it’s done!

to disqus or not to disqus?

Guys I need your opinion on whether I should switch to DISQUS. Majority of bloggers I follow are using it (THE PEER PRESSURE IS KILLING ME) and I like its notification system. I do have a couple of concerns tho. Sometimes when I visit blogs that are using Disqus, the comment box gets stuck at loading. I hit on refresh multiple times and nothing, I usually just come back the next day to post a comment.

Not sure if it’s my laggy internet. Does this problem ever happen to you? Is it difficult to transfer old comments to Disqus and is it possible to do it vise versa (in case I wanna change it back)? Thanks in advance for the help :)