The Beauty Blogger Swap

Two of the best things you can gain from the beauty blogging community ― (1) epic makeup knowledge (2) epic blogging friends. This is my first swap ever with my friend Diana (stole her pic and posted it below :) doesn’t she looks like Bay Kennish from Switched At Birth?). She’s from Europe and I’m from Asia. So imagine the excitement + anxiety + long distance + long wait we had to carry with us for months lol.

Just in case some of you aren’t familiar with blogger gift swapping ― it’s basically a gift exchange. A way of showing other bloggers how much you appreciate them, or just a fun way to celebrate makeup and girl-hood.

muito obrigada diana

Means thank you so much Diana :) Most of her gifts were from Bourjois (a-men!) ― I’ve been dying to buy from Boujois since forever. It’s not in Asia and it’s barely found in the US so this is a huge deal. YRUSOHARDTOGET. Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer is a nice addition to my arsenal of products-that-make-my-face-glow. I love this and I needed a primer so it was very timely. She knew I liked red lip color so she sent me the super luscious Bourjois Color Boost Stick in Red Island. She also knew that I mostly wear neutral polishes and gave me Oh So Rose nail polish from the same brand :)

The other brands, I’m actually not very familiar with but I’m really looking forward to try. There were a couple of Vichy and Eucerin deluxe samples (wasn’t able to include all in the photos) and one nicely packaged Pedra Pomes soap bar you can see on the pic above… WHICH BTW I THOUGHT WAS A DECK OF CARDS LOL (“Hmmm why would she send me cards…” *slow Shayne is slow*).

Last but definitely not the least ― The Balm’s Nude Tude Palette. This is one of her favorite things in the world and now it is also mine. The eye shadows are SO SOFT. I barely touched my Naked 1 Palette ever since this got here. For me, this is the star of the entire Swap. Can’t wait to share a full review on this :)

All in all her gifts made me very happy, plus I got to finally try Bourjois, and I had so much fun opening that deck of cards soap lol. I really hope that she loves the presents I gave her as much as I enjoyed hers.



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