Burberry Light Glow Blush in Peony

Hi girls! I am currently on a beauty spending ban, so for extra precautions I’m avoiding all blogs that have reviews on the new MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection. MUST—STAY—STRONG and must stop focusing on these things I want to buy. So instead I’m going writing about things I’ve had for awhile now — the Burberry Light Glow Blush in Peony.

I have a love hate relationship with this blush. Not sure if I’m very happy with it or if I just wasted PHP2300 (USD52) on something I should’ve gotten cheaper in NARS. It’s a basic but still beautiful angelic baby pink blush, something you can find in almost every cosmetic brand.

But the thing is I’m willing to spend more on a color I’ll use more often than the others for as long as the quality is really… really good (pro attempt to justify big splurges).

she loves me . . .

Burberry is popular for their excellent, wearable, natural looking makeup… and may I add all these in super luxurious packaging. How alluring (…aquatic collection dammit.) is that sleek magnetic blush case and that embossed detailing? It also came with a velvet “Burberry checkered” pouch (that I lost tsk!) and a soft brush I regularly use.

Compared to other matte light pink blushes this is a tad bit smoother and glowy-er applied. It lasts almost an entire day on me and it also resembles my cheeks color when they are naturally blushing — a nice no makeup, makeup look effect. Texture is buttery silk but not quite as buttery as I expected it to be based on some reviews. The Balm’s Nude Tude Palette eye shadows (thanks Diane! :) ), and all their amazing Lou Manizers are still creamier IMHO.

. . . she loves me not

The downside of this product… first the price, but this is something to expect when buying from a designer brand. Second is its light rosy perfume-y scent (less stronger than their Lip Velvet Lipstick). I prefer my makeup unscented since I have a very sensitive nose, and although I’ve gotten used to it, it still bothers me sometimes. Another possible downside is that this color may not show up well on darker skin tones. The blush is pigmented but it’s a very light color and doesn’t seem to build up after second application.


I wanted something fancy, high quality blush with a nice subtle color for a no makeup, makeup look / to use with bold lipstick colors. These are exactly what I get from this product THAT AND a little buyers remorse from time to time lol.

You may like this if; you collect luxury makeup, you especially love blushes, if you often sport a natural makeup look, and of course if you’re comfortable with its price. I’m personally still undecided — lol not much of a help here sorry. I was hoping that by the end of this review I’d have a clear answer to share with you. Don’t get me wrong, I love this blush and use it a lot, but a part of me is unsatisfied with it. Like I wish I gotten a similar color from Hourglass / Chanel instead (similar price range). I hope this post was still helpful tho :) What’s your favorite high end blush?


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