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Hi everyone, First and foremost, this isn’t Shayne. This is her boyfriend Martin. We decided to do something different and write an article for each other’s blogs. We wanted to have a theme for the posts and this is what we came up with. Here are 5 things women say when they have PMS, according to me. Please don’t kill me.

i’m hungry (all the time)

The number of times a woman eats in a day multiplies when she has PMS. I’m not sure if it’s actual hunger or just extreme cravings. All I know is that money will be spent and wallets will be emptied during PMS season and sometimes at completely random times (3am food run anyone?). In spite of this, this is probably the most positive among these things I’ve listed since it’s something men can relate to and join in on. But what comes after it is a doozy.

i feel fat . . .

This statement is always the follow up of the previous. After a girl satisfies her endless PMS-induced hunger with a good plate of sushi or a whole pizza, they instantly (like a few minutes after eating) start questioning their weight and their body endlessly. They start asking questions like “am I fat?” or “do I look bloated?” and even if you say “of course not!” or even if they’re TOO thin to begin with they’re still going to keep checking themselves in the mirror.


. . . and ugly!

It doesn’t matter how a girl looks – even if they look like a Victoria’s Secret supermodel or a Hollywood Celebrity – they’re going to say this at least once (or all the time) when they’re PMS-ing. For some reason, PMS messes with a girl’s brain so much that they perceive themselves in a drastically different way that it’s borderline delusional. And no matter how much you tell them that they’re beautiful, it’s not going to work.



i hate everything

Do you know the line “girls just want to have fun”? Well, when girls have PMS that turns into “girls just want to burn everything down”. During PMS season, women simply become extra sensitive and impatient. And they hate everything, for no reason. Sometimes it feels like you don’t want to move or make a sound in fear of triggering a PMS-induced fit of anger. “Don’t make any sudden movements”.

And last but not the least…



nobody loves me

For whatever reason, women become super extra “needy” during their PMS and in spite of the fact that during their PMS they hate everything and everyone, they still want attention; they still want someone to talk to, which is honestly like running through a land mine. You want us to listen and talk to you but there’s also a big chance you’re going to kill us.

Well that’s it. I’m sure there are a ton of other things girls say during that rollercoaster season of their monthly lives but these 5 are the ones that I’ve probably heard the most. Maybe you can share some of the things that you say? I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this short article as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Thanks for reading! – Martin

Hi girls, I hope you enjoyed reading his post. Everything he said here describes me at my finest hours lol. I’m sure a lot of you can relate too, don’t deny! :) PS: let’s please observe my hair on this picture. This is a once in a blue moon shot guys hahaha. I wish my hair is this wavy & smooth all the time. – Shayne


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