Top 2 Concealers : High End & Drugstore

I finally get to blog and read blogs again after what feels like FOREVER. I missed it :) and today I’m back bearing good recos for you guys. I needed (still do) a really good product I can count on to hide my deepest darkest secrets pimples, scars, and my horrendous dark under eye circles. So I’ve been trying different concealers for awhile now, and these are the best ones I’ve used so far…

brightening concealer

Three words to describe the Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer — brightening, comfortable, and moisturizing. It has that “wake me up” effect when applied underneath the eye and it’s feels so so light when worn.

Thin concealers usually don’t last on me but thankfully this stuff does (as long as I don’t hang out at hot humid places or else it’s like it was never even there). The only thing I hate about it is it settles in between my under eye lines a few minutes after application, which is easily fixable but still potentially annoying.

Important gist you need to know about this product it only gives a medium coverage. In a way what it lacks in coverage it makes up for it’s nice brightening effect. But it still doesn’t hide blemishes very well so if you need stronger coverage then the next concealer is more for you.

full coverage concealer

Oh Collection where have you been all my life. Their Lasting Perfection Concealer is an excellent and inexpensive concealer that actually beats a couple of high end products (e.g. MAC and Benefit concealers) in quality and performance. And I got this for only PHP300 / USD7 guys! Tanya Burr, Zoella, and many other EU beauty vloggers whose names escape me right now raved about this.

It’s thicker in consistency than the Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer and has a full coverage on me. It is also a touch sticky — not in a bad way. I feel like it makes the concealer less likely to sink in between wrinkle lines, cause that rarely happens when I wear this. It lasts an entire day. And althought it isn’t moisturizing it also doesn’t make my under eye area dry, which is usually my major problem with most thick concealers.

which is better?

Personally, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is better for me (most of the time) especially when I want a full coverage, too much darkness to hide lol. Plus it amazes me how good and inexpensive this is. But if I scratch the need for a full coverage to hide scars and pimples and I just want something to enhance my makeup look, then Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer is a way better choice. Its brightening, just really comfortable, moisturizing, and it looks natural when applied. Both concealers are GREAT, it will basically come down to what your skin needs most :)

PS : Has anyone seen the season finale of Once Upon A Time??