Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Serum

As much as I’d like to hoard everysinglegoodmakeupforever, the sane thing to do is to restrict myself. Especially since I spend probably 70% of my time wearing no make up at all. And so recently I’ve been more into beauty products I can enjoy with out make up like those shower / bath thingamajigs, some body smoothies, and this crowd favorite, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Serum.

It promises three “R’s” regenerates, repairs, and replenishes and as for it’s visible results, skin should look smoother and healthier, which I am pleased to say it does excellently (no whacking needed guys :D).

Fun fact, Lancome now owns Kiehl’s, got this info from Quinn — one of my fave bloggers with pro magazine like photography skillz, she wrote an interesting brand psychology review on Kiehls.

does it live up to its reputation?

I’m not gonna lie, majority of the reason why I bought this was because of its pretty blue bottle. Guys it glows when direct light hits it O.O The little gamer in me likes to think that it’s a magic potion, which is actually very fitting to what it does. It smoothens out and shrinks my small pores making my face look SUPER CLEAR in an instant! And it also makes my skin glow in a non-sticky nor oily kind of way.

It gets better in the morning. I wake up with a rosy, clearer, flushed, healthy glowy face, and it lasts long unlike Kiehl’s Midnight Concentrate Eye Cream not a good eye cream. stay.away. These effects still fade in time, especially when I wash my face, but the improvement remains noticeable. This stuff makes me feel more confident to run outside in the morning wearing no foundation or concealer.

I have a dry combination skin type so I’ll say that this will work best on girls with similar skin type as mine. As for those with oily skin type I can tell you that my T-zone area, which usually is the first area on my face that shines from oil, never got oily from this serum. Has anyone here with oily skin type tried this product?

the serum’s downside

It is so ridiculously expensive it might as well have come from the fountain of youth. My bottle cost PHP2600 (USD59) online, which is a lot cheaper than the ones sold at the mall. But you have to consider this will last a long time in your beauty stash, around 5 drops is all you will need per application. Also, contrary to what others say, from my experience this isn’t a very good substitute for a daily moisturizer. The results are A LOT better when i use this every other night. It works best as an occasional booster for days where your skin needs extra moisture (e.g. winter time).


Definitely not a practical purchase and probably not something you need. Although, you will want this in your life after trying it. The logical answer to the question “is it worth the money?” would be a straight no. But guys it is one of the best splurges I’ve ever made and for that, in a beauty enthusiast way of thinking… it’s worth it for me. If only I could fill up an entire tub of this for me to soak in I would lol.

You will like this serum if — (one) You feel like splurging and treating yourself, or if you have no shopping limit, in that case ihetchu (kidding :D). (two) You often enjoy pampering yourself with luxurious beauty products. Or (three) if you need an instant moisture repair for your dry skin areas. I strongly suggest you check this out. REALLY.GOOD.STUFF :)