Shopping Tales : Nordstrom & Sephora Haul

More like Bankruptcy Tales I tell you. I’m sure a lot can relate. Twitter was pretty much flooded with the words I’mofficiallybroke right after the Sephora Beauty Insider Sale. Still, that doesn’t mean that us broke girls spent our money unwisely right? I realized that I could actually save more by buying in larger quantity vs purchasing them separately every once in awhile :) The key is #1 plan the wishlist ahead and #2 stick to that damn list.

hello sephora

I ended up not sticking to the entire list after all lol SHAME, but I did get really good bargains and took advantage of the discounts. I got Nars Laguna in replacement for my good ol’ almost empty Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I bought two lipsticks one I didn’t include here and the other by Urban Decay (Revolution Lipstick), which I’m really reaallyy fond of atm. Victoria’s review was my final push :)

Next set, Soap & Glory’s body butters. They all smell AMAZING! I’m officially bummed that we don’t have S&G in the Philippines. I’d like to hoard every single Sugar Crush and The Righteous Butter products please. BTW Has anyone tried their Clean On Me body wash? is it good?

nordstrom & hourglass

I had to restock my 4th (or maybe 5th) bottle of Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation a.k.a. the best foundation in my book. And since my past foundation shades were apparently exclusive to Asian Countries, they didn’t have it in Nordstrom. Had to rely on online swatches and to Pauline’s recommendation to pick my shade. It matches my skintone well Pauline! Big blogger thanks to you! :) This gift set came with the purchase for free, most of the items in here I don’t think I need so it might go on my blog sale.

Last and unfortunately the least exciting of all my online shopping trips Hourglass. Yup I said it. I’m not talking about the product tho, I have a feeling I’ll enjoy the palette. Their customer service however is meh. I bought this directly from their website since it was exclusively there before it got out in Sephora.

I had to wait for around a week for them to ship out my order from their office, I guess I got used to other online shops that ships out orders way faster than a week? Regretz. The wait would’ve been the same if I got it in Sephora, that plus I get extra B.I. points. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this quick haulin chat, it’s going to take awhile before I lay my hands on some new stuff spending ban mode ON.

PS : I might hold my first blog sale soon, have any tips for me? :)


  • Wow! OMg that's a very wonderful haul Shayne!!! andami!!! new loves!!! I wanna own them sis heheehheehe anyway, I hope you'll enjoy them, those products looked great and effective :)

    love lots,

  • Victoria says:

    Special mention. I am so proud of myself! <3 Once again, glad to be of service (I think I've pushed one too many people into purchasing a particular product mwahahahaha - evil laugh lol). On a completely different note, tell me what you feel about NARS Laguna and how it compares to Hoola. I'm on the fence about those two. I don't know which one I should go for. Thanks in advance! :)

  • everything's pretty! and I really sad that soap and glory is not available here in the Philippines. Sephora is O to the M to the G! how did you order, I mean did your order go straight to your house or did it undergo customs?

  • Nice makeup you got here I want that Urban Decay lipstick.

  • Such a fantastic haul dear! So happy that the foundation shade now matches you! Was terrified that it wouldn't match ;_; LOVE the products here… need to get my hands on so many of these O.O UD Lipstick, Laguna, Hourglass! So many goodies! Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on these! No advice on blog sales unfortunately, haven't sold any myself :(
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  • jenn f says:

    yay for new things! i love getting the lancome gwp. they usually have a good selection of stuff.

  • hazel says:

    I love S&G!!! I tried the butter yourself and I love how my skin feels after! Too bad the tub is all finished up already! Pasalubong lang kasi yun :(

  • CJ says:

    OMG You have the Ambient lighting palette. #dying. Loved this post. And I really want to see what's going to be in your blog sale! I don't have any tips though. :P

  • Elle says:

    Hourglass. T___T
    All of the products are damn good, Shayne! Ughhh

  • Oh wow, all of these products look amazing! I love anything and everything NARS. Hope you enjoy everything!

  • I love hauls, and definitely love everything you got! I only tried the Laguna bronzer, all else are interesting. I am curious about the Lancome foundation because you have finished a lot of bottles already. OMG! :) Looking forward for your reviews! :)

  • Beautiful post! :)
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    Hope to hear from you soon!
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  • Hollie says:

    Woah, super dami nag haul mo sis! Bongga to the highest level talaga! hehehe
    Will wait for your review and swatches especially sa Hourglass palette. BTW, did you order these directly from their website? do they ship to Philippines?

  • Natasja says:

    Hahah! Bankruptcy Tales. Yeah, I know how you feel.. but I have actually been doing pretty well! After my weekend in Paris (start of March) up until now I have not bought any beauty products (or anything really) with my money (but I did buy a lip product with my mom's money… whoops.. it doesn't count :P). Your new haul looks exciting and I can't wait to know more about the UD lipstick! I've never tried one.. so I'm all ears.. or in this case, all eyes :P xx

  • Diana says:

    Ohhhh so many amazing things! Reviews please <3 specially on the hourglass palette. it's a bit pricey so I want to be really sure before trying to get it from the UK (the official EU stockist...)
    I'm dying to try Soap&Glory! I'm really thinking about asking my friend to get some things from boots (they now ship to Portugal, but soap and glory and collection aren't included and the shipping is huge…)
    Oh and the lipstick colour you got is soooo pretty <3 really perfect for everyday :3
    and the gift set is so nice :o they never give us things like that here :< (only if we spend like 100 euros...which is a lot .___. ) can't wait to read more reviews and posts from you Shayne <3
    Take care*

  • Hey! What do you use for editing your photos? So pretty! :)

  • this are very beautiful products love it! the nars bronzer i want that product soo bad! lots of love, x

  • Quinn says:

    Hey Shayne! Dude that's an aaaweesome haul. Esp the Soap & Glory — they used to be sold in drugstores in California but for the past few years they've gone missing, so I guess now they're just in the UK maybe? Anyways just wanted to stop by and say hi :)

  • Masja says:

    Ohh you got some really nice things I love this haul!

  • Alexa Land says:

    Look really really good!!

  • Paola Ysabel says:

    LOVE the haul! And I missed your blog posts! Yay for the blog sale!

    (Commenting in phrases is the best my mind can come up with at 6:30 am haha)

  • OMG I really want to try the Soap & Glory Body Butters. I've heard such good things about them!

  • Vanessa N says:

    I bought you the exact same S&G trio for our swap. I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE WAITED UNTIL LAST MINUTE TO SHOP ;-; (It's ok, I'll get you another S/G product now!)
    JEALOUS THAT YOU GOT LAGUNA. I borrowed it from Jenn and I reaaallly like it. Also, PHOTOGRAPHY GAME TOO STRONG IN THIS POST @_@

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ

  • You have a pretty great selection here! Can't wait for your blog sale! :)

  • Audrey C. says:

    I reallllly love that Hourglass palette, but it's still a bit too rich for my blood! Nice haul!

  • Judith says:

    Lancôme gives the best GWP ever! I can wait to hear what you think about the hourglass powder palette!

  • Emae says:

    YAAAAAAAAY! I love everything! Unfortunately I didn't shop for anything during the sale – unbelievable, I know. I love UD Fiend! And acck, that Hourglass palette is still on my wishlist! Must. Buy. That. Soon! Enjoy your new products, bebe Shayne! <3

  • Emily says:

    So jealous of your haul*-* I've yet to try any Nars products because it's so out of my budget~ but hopefully one day I can try it^^ x

  • Wow! You got a lot of great things! <3 :D Just like you mentioned, it's smart to make a list and just stick to the list when you go shopping, but it's so hard to not buy anything else! haha.

  • Love your massive haul! I'll be looking forward to your blog sale. :)

  • Becky says:

    Heheheheh who actually sticks to that wishlist when there's a ton of other eyecandy around n_____n Good luck on that spending ban, it doesn't work for me. ;(

    I've been thinking about getting Laguna, but the pearly/shimmery finish puts me off unfortunately. To be honest I think I'm only interested in getting it for the name “Laguna” cause it's part of the name of an ability of one of my favorite characters to play in a game. Wow, that sounds sad.

    xx becky /

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hehe lagay na sa wishlist sis and abang for the next sale :) sayang kase ung discount if we get it for full price plus its a lot cheaper compared to the prices at the mall

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha! iluvit talaga. will do, these two brands were my first options din before. in the end i bought hoola over nars cause i wanted to try benefit cosmetics for the first time haha. ill compare them soon :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    i had it ship through my bfs relative in then here — didnt pass through customs which is nice :D its a lot cheaper this way compared to buying it sa mall or on some online stores talaga :) btw sephora is opening daw soon at megamall i really hope they have S&G :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks jackie, its my current fave MLBB lipstick :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    yez thanks to you <3 ay i have a feeling youre going to like the UD lipstick alot. have you tried their lipsticks before? :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    this is actually my second time getting a GWP from Lancome and i agree. i find its easier to get them online since the price requirements of the GWPs here are higher compared to the ones online.

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    i aws actually surprised and disappointed that these tubs had little product in it :( ang tipid nila sis. hopefully the bigger ones have generous amounts inside. mahal mahal pa naman nila

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks sis :D im actually having it with another blogger para madami daming items in the blog sale. sayang kase the other stuff are nice naman maling shade lang nabili

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks shannon :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hehe yup been using it for many many years. i havent written a review on it tho cause my old bottle looks like it has gone to war, wala na nung lancome foundation label in front haha :) thanks juvy!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks cecilia i appreciate it! :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    pati ung gastos bonga to the highest level huhu. wala na kong bibilin for ilang months :D nordstrom ships here sis, not sure with serphora. kaso from what ive heard the customs will stop the package for taxation if done this way. so i had mine shipped through a relative friend :) sa next sale im thinking nga of inviting more friends to shop with me para sulit sa shipping.

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks rinako! :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    haha ^^ congratulations! :) your mom is such an angel <3 ay i have a good feeling that youll like this lipstick. im actually excited to write a review about it cause its super good just need to use it longer :D thanks natasja!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    will do :D i know what you mean abt it being soooo expensee. took awhile before i made a decision to get but by that time it was sold out haha (last yr) so im really glad that they kept this regular this time. oh same here in the ph the requirement for GWP is way too high. also the GWP from nordstrom is exclusive to US addresses only so if i had it shipped directly to me here in the PH i cant avail it. thought that was a bit unfair. about with the S&G i rly hope you get to try it, they smell super good :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    i used photoshop, and photoshop shapes for the little banners, thanks! :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks rachel! <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    quinn i missed you! :) havent seen any update from your blog lately. i wanted to write a where have you beeen email but i didnt want to sound stalker-ish haha.
    wow i wish we had it in our drugstores too, its way to expensive to get them shipped here cause they are bulky and heavy. have you tried sephora? most beauty vloggers mentioned they bought it there.

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thank you masja! :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha good morning sis! :) and thanks thanks <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    they smell good :) the righteous butter, which is my fave among these 3 smells like perfume to me :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    aah im so sorry, i feel bad for not mentioning it :( although i really dont mind getting the same set cause these are good stuff, smells amazing esp the righteous butter (its like perfume imho). i also dont mind getting another product. so either way you will make me a very happy person. :)

    havent really used laguna yet, i decided to wait till my hoola completely dies haha but ill take your word for it. its an HG bronzer to a lot of people too :)
    thank you thank you it means a lot coming from the photography master <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    its opening daw at megamall sis :) :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks sis! me too mejo nervous lang cause its my first time haha :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    it is :( left a big hole in my wallet, i hope its all worth it. thank you audrey <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    they do :D too bad they require a much high price purchases here than in the US. thanks judith!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks emaez! <3 i actually assumed you bought a lot of stuff na from the sale cause youre one of the shopping queens i know haha always getting the good productz! i heard theres another sale coming in sephora perfect time to get the hourglass palette :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks emily, ill wish it with you :) i have high hopes for it :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks melissa! :) yea esp when theres a sale lol and those coupons are such a big temptation to me :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks czjai! :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha! youre right! esp when almost everything is on sale, it brings out urgency to buy them asap. dont worry i tend to want to buy makeup or random products with “queen” in it just cause it matches my blog name. every girl has this tendency i think haha :) if you like matte bronzer you might like benefit hoola. have you tried it?

  • So many nice things you got! It’s hard sometimes, but when sales happen you can really save a lot of money as long as you’re organized.
    The hourglass palette is incredibly gorgeous, a shame it took so long and the customer service isn’t that good. In my case I’m quite used to things taking longer than usual when it comes to ordering online…
    I’m looking forward to your sales, what will you be selling, if I may ask?

  • Diana says:

    Here gifs are a total joke…I mean, in the US sephora offers mini Dior palettes, benefit minis and other products like that…this year they are giving a tube with 4 or 5 mini, mini-glosses (all in one stick) a…the only good thing is benefit's brow bar (which I don't want to miss!)

  • Becky says:

    I'm trying to be extra good about not spending on makeup that I don't need, but somehow I end up getting other things. Like shoes. It's a neverending cycle of spending u____u

    Yeah, I have a Hoola mini! It's a little too “strong” for my entire face, so I just tend to use it to contour my cheek area. I do like it a lot though, so I'll definitely be getting that full size when I run out.

  • Fred ❆ says:

    This is such a nice haul Shayne! And i missed you and your posts! :D
    I'm excited on how the Ambient Palette will turn out on you. I've been meaning to buy that for the longest time but i always back out the last minute. :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    tsk tsk tsk its really not fair. i dont understand the business strategy behind it. btw where do you shop benefit products? online? or? :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha! i can relate with that. im also a shoe person <3 and when i was new to beauty blogging i got so addicted into buying make up, but in time i learned to be extra careful about it too and just buy those that i will really use. so tempting to hoard stuff for the sake of collecting pretty things lol :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hi xana! :) just a couple of makeup that i currently have but dont get to use cause i have dupes for it or its not my shade. im teaming up with another blogger so thered be more items in the blog sale hehe :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    aww thank you thank you and ive def missed you too fred! :) its so mahal kase tsl tsk, i havent really used it yet but i have a feeling that one of the shades from the palette i will not like. we shall see :D

  • SHAYYYNNNEEE!:DDD Hellooooo:) ahaha, omg. I love reading your blogposts and this haul is just absolute perfection.
    All the items you've got are absolute drool-worthy especially the hourglass ambient lighting powders that are so raved about but everybody! & those soap & glory body butters, omg. I want to try. They sound so amazing T.T
    I wish we had those brands here in Hong Kong. I can never ever do the spending ban. I'm horrible at it. So I'm much better at buying a few things at a time. HAHAHA, I can't wait for your next blogpost:)

    ♥ Charms | My ∞ Fashion Confession

  • Belle Femme says:

    Wow. Amazing products. Waiting for your detailed review now :-)

  • Great haul!! I've been trying to talk myself out of the Hourglass palette, but it's such a beauty!

  • Vanessa N says:

    Well, from now on I'm going to do last minute shopping LOL. Just in case.
    Not really a fan of Righteous Butter, my fav of the bunch is Butter Yourself…is just smells SOOO good to me!

  • peach says:

    lovely post :) I really enjoy reading your blog! haha keep in touch x Peach

  • Heba Lateef says:

    great haul
    love the Hourglass packaging.. very sleek! :)

  • This is a great haul hun! I want them soap and glory body butters!x

    Jess x

  • Alexa Land says:

    I love this pictures and the items you bought

  • MITCH says:

    I love that Lancome gift set, the pouch is pretty…!
    I'm looking forward to your blog sale :)


  • Shayne ♥ says:

    i know how you feel. i just broke my shopping ban an bought some room items/decors lol. so much things to buy so little moneyz! hahaha. ooo i want to go shopping in HK i heard that the sales tax there is low or non existent. is it true? :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thank you belle <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    it is :3 i went through the same phase of convincing myself to not buy such an expensive palette but i gave in hihi

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thank you peach <3 what a cute name naman :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    it is :) *my precious* ala LOTR :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    you and me both, they smells amzing :3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    im including the pouch on the blog sale sis! :) itll happen sigura a week or two from today :D

  • Hollie says:

    hmm based on my experience, I learned that customs people are not IN everyday. So, I pick up my international packages from the postal office on days that they are not around para wla nang additional tax. LOL

    Anyhoo, my BFF Khymm of loves the Nars Laguna Bronzer, but she switched to the Mac Bronzing powder, just coz the Nars packaging annoys her. LOL the rubber-like texture is hard to clean eh and she hates looking at the dirt all piled up. Though it's super easy to clean using Bioderma, but it's sayang. hehe

  • love the products and pictures girl lots of love, x

  • Janet H says:

    Wow you got so many lovely items!!! Great Haul!! Thank you for sharing with us :) I haven't try much of Lancome prdoucts before, I will for sure check them out and look for their foundation next time I am in the mall :) Can I ask you for your opinion :) how come you like their foundation? Do you think is will also be good for prone sensitive skin too? Thank you Shayne, have a good week,talk soon ^^

  • Stephanie G says:

    You got a lot of awesome stuff and I don't stick with my wish list I'm good at planning it out but when I get to the store I'm overwhelmed my the choices and deals that I completely forget about it! HAHA

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha ang wise! next time nga ill do that kaso idk their schedule here. ay my nars makeups are also madumi cause of its packaging. i dont mind it though, but i wish it would stay clean forever sayang eh it looks nice pa naman :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    that smells good too, more on the fruity side :) have you tried clean on me? :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks rachel <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hi janet! :D thanks thanks! it gives out this really really nice natural looking healthy glow (not matte but not dewy — although if you mix it with moisturizer it can be dewy) and lasts all day, i'm just not sure if it will work well with sensitive skin but my skin (dry combination) never had a bad reaction to this product. i recently found out from YT that michelle phan loves this product too. will write a review on the foundation soon :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha thats one trait that i need to have from time to time to avoid overspending hihi :D

  • Ishna says:

    Making a wish list is easy, sticking to it is a different story. Hahaha!! Good thing you still got some of it on discounts. Hay, if only money grow on trees, sarap mag-shopping!

    I love all the stuff you got. The Soap and Glory Butters look so pretty. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. :P

  • ohhh and really? sephora in megamall???? oh my s&g will be the first stall that I will look into…hope I can bump into you there someday hehehe

  • OMG, I am so jealous, this looks like an amazing shopping tale!!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    ay yes sis! i hope so too :) cause im pretty sure well all be checking out sephora, kahit na its far from where i live and its so traffic in that area haha

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha indeed! hi ishna i miss hearing from you! :) yup i realized that its cheaper to buy in bulks cause of the discounts haha so ipon for a long time then isang bagsakan ulit :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hehe thanks amanda! :)

  • Sosyal haul! <3 Excited for Sephora here in PH. But why Megamall? Hassle dun palagi. :(

  • I'm totally drooling over your haul. It looks like there are so many fabulous products here!

  • Angelique says:

    Ugh this looks so good to me, lol! I'm glad Australia doesn't have Sephora because man I'd be living on the streets in no time but apparently we are getting one at the end of this year? What is NARS Laguna like compared to Benefit Hula? Is there a big difference?

    Angelique. –

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    i know huhu. lagi traffic in that area, and lagi din kami nahuhuli when we go there cause we're not familiar with the traffic rules :D i wish they'll open in makati too!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hehe im glad you like them! :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha! i probably should be thankful too that the only i could get a hold of sephora products is online (shipping is hella expensive) so my shopping is limited. i havent used laguna yet :( still trying to use up my hoola bronzer. but ill write a comparitive review when i do. as far as i know laguna is a little bit luminating compared to hoola which is very matte :)

  • omg, you bought so much, kakainggit! I haven't figured out how to buy products from the states directly from the Philippines kaya I didn't get to purchase anything from the sale. <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hi maxine! you can try via my shopping box or johny air cargo, extra care lang with the SF cause it can be unpredictable :)

  • christy. says:

    Wow when was this sale?! All these makeup products are like eye candy, I'm so jealous!
    I wish I could use the Hoola bronzer, everyone keeps raving about it but it's like the same colour as my skin haha. Nice blog (: 

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hi christy! welcome to my blog and thanks :) i cannot remember anymore when i bought these, my memory instantly tries to forget the times i burn money on sale events haha. but i think it was around march or april. if your skin tone is similar to hoola shade then i envy you! i wanna be tan like that :)

  • Natalie says:

    Omg major swooning over here. Such an awesome haul. I find it SO hard to stick to lists. I mean, there's just so much prettiness around…

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    agree hahaha, thanks natalie! :)

  • Eva says:

    You have a nice blog. I ended up back-reading it. <3

    I have to agree with what you said about Soap and Glory. I went to Sephora in KL and ended up splurging on S&G products all because they smell awesome. Can't get enough of their hand lotion and that's coming from someone who's not a huge fan of lotions. :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hi eva! thanks thanks and welcome to my blog! :) they really did a graet job creating the scents and i feel like theres one for every type for scent. something fruity, floral, and sweet :D

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