Shopping Tales : Nordstrom & Sephora Haul

More like Bankruptcy Tales I tell you. I’m sure a lot can relate. Twitter was pretty much flooded with the words I’mofficiallybroke right after the Sephora Beauty Insider Sale. Still, that doesn’t mean that us broke girls spent our money unwisely right? I realized that I could actually save more by buying in larger quantity vs purchasing them separately every once in awhile :) The key is #1 plan the wishlist ahead and #2 stick to that damn list.

hello sephora

I ended up not sticking to the entire list after all lol SHAME, but I did get really good bargains and took advantage of the discounts. I got Nars Laguna in replacement for my good ol’ almost empty Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I bought two lipsticks one I didn’t include here and the other by Urban Decay (Revolution Lipstick), which I’m really reaallyy fond of atm. Victoria’s review was my final push :)

Next set, Soap & Glory’s body butters. They all smell AMAZING! I’m officially bummed that we don’t have S&G in the Philippines. I’d like to hoard every single Sugar Crush and The Righteous Butter products please. BTW Has anyone tried their Clean On Me body wash? is it good?

nordstrom & hourglass

I had to restock my 4th (or maybe 5th) bottle of Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation a.k.a. the best foundation in my book. And since my past foundation shades were apparently exclusive to Asian Countries, they didn’t have it in Nordstrom. Had to rely on online swatches and to Pauline’s recommendation to pick my shade. It matches my skintone well Pauline! Big blogger thanks to you! :) This gift set came with the purchase for free, most of the items in here I don’t think I need so it might go on my blog sale.

Last and unfortunately the least exciting of all my online shopping trips Hourglass. Yup I said it. I’m not talking about the product tho, I have a feeling I’ll enjoy the palette. Their customer service however is meh. I bought this directly from their website since it was exclusively there before it got out in Sephora.

I had to wait for around a week for them to ship out my order from their office, I guess I got used to other online shops that ships out orders way faster than a week? Regretz. The wait would’ve been the same if I got it in Sephora, that plus I get extra B.I. points. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this quick haulin chat, it’s going to take awhile before I lay my hands on some new stuff spending ban mode ON.

PS : I might hold my first blog sale soon, have any tips for me? :)