Little Updates & Giveaway Winner

Hello hello! Before we rush on to find out who the giveaway winner is, I just want to say a quick thanks to everyone who joined. I wish I could send you all a gift for participating, but since I don’t have that kind of moneyz YET (let’s pray that I will someday! :D), here’s the lucky winner of YSB’s Victoria’s Secret gift set.

Congratulations Jhonalyn R. for winning the giveaway! Thank you so much for joining and I hope you like your Victoria’s Secret goodies :)

See you all on my next giveaway this coming May. My blog is turning one year old soon and I’d like to invite you to celebrate it with me by joining the giveaway. It’s going to be open internationally so everyone who wants to join can enter.

blogging hiatus
(!) incoming TMI

I haven’t updated my blog in awhile, the reasons for that are quite personal but to sum it all up my depression kicked in, and this time it was harder to overcome than usual. I also caught a flu and a SERIOUS CASE OF PMS (I cried when my dog Bentley ignored my call, yes it was cray cray level serious lol), which all together confined me to bed with the company of Merlin, King Arthur, and the hot hot knights of the round table. Nope not a hallucination, just a good ol’ TV Show called Merlin :) PS : to Vanessa a.k.a. the blush queen, thanks for the reco!

If like me, you like fantasy stories, or if you also enjoy the show Once Upon A Time then most likely you will like Merlin too. Watch it :) But I have to warn you, it has the worst series finale EVER. I won’t give out any spoilers in case you want to check it out, but seriously Merlin writers, YUDOTHATTOMERLIN?

Anyway belated Happy Easter to you! I hope you haven’t forgotten about my blog :)