Skincare Talk : Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream

My under eye area is the biggest skincare concern of my life. I have dark circles, some dry stress lines, and puffy eye bags. I think my body clock thinks we live in Europe. For some reason, every month, my sleep cycle switches and I sleep at around 4AM in the morning.

I’m still trying to fix that, but for the meantime I don’t mind spending more on an eye cream for extra skincare help. I got Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye, which claims to do three major things reduce puffiness, darkness, and appearance of fine lines. Sounds promising.

immediate results…

The cream has a light lavender scent and a really comfortable cooling ala menthol effect. The packaging gives you more control of the product, which I like because a little of this goes a looong way. The morning after I use this at bedtime my under eye area is really moisturized, slightly less darker, and less puffy. Nothing monumental but I noticed the difference. Although I must say, I could get the same results from other not-so-pricey products. Maybe there’s something more to this cream?

…but fleeting

So I kept using it for days… weeks… then a month… two… then three… hoping these changes would improve, but nope. I’m afraid it has reached its limit and it lasts for only around 3 to 4 hours after I wake up. On days I skip this cream, my problems just went back to being unresolved. Except for one thing though, my under eye area appears and feels smoother. I wouldn’t say it reduced my major stress lines but it did smoothen out some signs of dryness.

I honestly feel like I wasted money on this unfortunately. Even if technically it does all the 3 things it claims to do — it was too temporary. And only one of them seems to last. I guess I expected more for its price (PHP2250.00 / USD50). I won’t be repurchasing this and I cannot recommend it to you.

That being said, I just placed an order on their Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Serum LOL. I can’t help it… weak Shayne is weak. The bottle is too fancy and my fave beauty girls love this. We shall see in a month or so how this will work out for me. It could be Kiehl’s chance to redeem itself OR our chance to whack me on the head for not learning my lesson!

What under eye creams have you tried? :)


  • packaging sometimes lure us to buy a product. too bad it didn't work, I used to think (before this post of yours) that all kiehl products works

  • Lily says:

    geesh, that's a lot of money for a mediocre eye cream. I found that the average priced eye cream works perfectly well…. actually try japanese eye creams… omgggg so good

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  • Czarina Mae says:

    I have a serious, serious dark circles problem and when I read the first two paragraphs of this post I was like “YES! Finally a solution to my problems” but nope. Hahahaha! Awww man. But at least now we know what to avoid, thanks to you! I feel like with this kind of products it's usually trial and error to see which products deliver their promises and which yung mga fails. Haha :)

    Anyway can't wait to hear how the serum performs! :))

  • I love Kiehl products glad you made this review need to track it down.

  • Naaj Rona says:

    Are you serious $50 for that cream,Woaaah that is pricey. You definitely will get a whack on your head from me. But to be honest, I am the same as you so I understand. We are very bad at saving money LOL

    It's a shame that the cream don't last long or do the things that it claims to do.

    I don't use a eye cream but I'm thinking if buying one. The problem is I don't want to spend like you did and then realise the money went wasted.

  • Francesca says:

    I would love to try this! Looks like luxury. Visit me sometime :)


  • Natasja says:

    I have the same problems as you do.. though lately I have been falling asleep at 2AM.. you know, that is an improvement haha. I genetically suffer from dark circles under my eyes and making it worse by sleep deprivation is not a smart thing.. not a choice. Too bad this didn't work for you.. but you're right.. the packages sure do look pretty :) but it's the content that matters :P

  • Diana says:

    Ohhh Here it's I'll probably pass…
    I'm still using my Dioptigel from Lierac, like the name claims, it has a a gel texture. But they have a cream version called “Diopticalm” that's really good as well. I also have problems with my under eye circles, They usually get SUPER dry during the winter time and thanks to dioptigel, nothing happen this year!

    P.S. You body clock is funny :P

    Take care, have a nice day!*

  • What a shame that you're not completely happy with it, especially since it's a very expensive product… Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  • I have dark circles and dryness under my eyes! When I read the title, I was excited to see how this eye cream would perform!:D 'Cause I am in search for an eye cream that I'll love since I've been out for months already but don't want to waste my money on anything. So disappointing to hear that it didn't do much for that price.
    I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the serum!:D

    I absolutely love reading your blog. I'm always back here everytime seeing if you have a new blogpost!:D I love reading them all!

    ♥ Charms | My ∞ Fashion Confession

  • Fred ❆ says:

    Oh, the price is really kinda painful. But in Beauty World sometimes, it's really just trial and error to find the product that will work for you perfectly! :)
    And as per experience, some skincare products loses its touch after a few months of using, like your skin becomes immune to it. Hehe.

  • Apple Borbon says:

    nakooo, kiehl's! why'd you do that to shayne? hehe! at least you're giving them a second chance and if they fail again, you have enough reasons to ditch 'em. you'll soon find what you're looking for. might be the serum na! :)

  • I guess that's a good product Shayne, but I also think it's too pricey for a beauty product. Like I don't think it's necessary to buy a very expensive product. Nevertheless, you provided us a very good and honest review! Thanks a lot for the share Shayne <3

    love lots,

  • Awwh, the product looks great… unfortunately, it's really expensive! O_o
    Thank you for visiting my blog! Following you on GFC now! Follow back if you want! ^^
    I hope we will keep in touch. ♡

    ❤ ✿ VISIT MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  • Judith says:

    Ishhh mentol effect, don't put that on your beautiful skin! I went to see the ingredients it contains denaturated alcohol and lavendar oils amongst others, known irritants. You can just use your regular moisturizer around your eyes.

    Anyway thanks for your honest review.

  • Terri says:

    I'm also hunting for the perfect eye cream, but no luck finding it yet! It's a bummer this didn't work for you, but hopefully the serum you just ordered will restore your faith in Kiehl's so you won't have to hit yourself over it. :P

  • Victoria says:

    That's too bad. I've been looking for an eye cream that can help reduce darkness as well because ze gurlfraan needs it. Do tell if and when you found something that actually works :)

  • Deborah says:

    Shame it didn't work out – the packaging looks so promising!! For dark circles, I've found using Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser works quite well, not to mention it's affordable!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  • Anna says:

    I have used random eye creams, but I always here great things about Kiehls. I may have to check out their stuff soon!!! ^___^b

  • Angela says:

    I don't think any eye cream really is a miracle product!! It's great that you see the circles are less dark already! :)

    I've tried Tarte and Boscia and both of them feel good but no results! Not too sure about eye creams, wish I knew the science behind it.

  • too bad it didn't do more for your eyes! thanks so much for saving me the trouble and moolah though <3

  • Ah sorry that it was such a bust! I'm also on the hunt for a holy grail eye cream. The skin around my eyes get really dry during the winter too, which is gross, haha. I think that products often disappoint when they promise too much.

  • Haven't tried any under eye cream. I honestly think I need it although I don't really have dark circles, I can have puffy eyes though when out of sleep. I guess my eyes have been accustomed to changing shifts because of work. Hehe

  • Bethany says:

    I have the same issues with most of those creams. ;_; And with my totally nocturnal sleepy cycle.

  • Vanessa N says:


    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    me too actually! at least majority of them :D but i guess it depends on your skin, so far I've tried lots of their samples and I only really like one product (their cleanser). idk if they're still doing this but you can go to kiehls and ask for samples that you would like to try. if you buy any product from them you get another set of samples again :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    ooo what Japanese brands do you suggest? :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha :D that was exactly how i felt with kieh's midnight recovery cream wahaha. if i find a really good eye cream i shall let you knows :P and the serum too!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    for me, most of their product are hit & miss so my suggestion is ask for samples first before you get the full size ones :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha i knooo waah! :D dont worry my next eye cream should be less pricey will share my thoughts on that and maybe itll be “the one” eye cream for both of us :) but will take awhile since i feel oblige to finish this one first cause it cost so much lol

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    so is the serum :3 probably the main reason why i bought it LOL

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha i know how that feels, sleeping at 3AM is such a huge accomplishment for me too lol. if we can only switch our sleep cycle… :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hehe we both wish we live in EU! :D btw does diop-ti-gel lightens dark circles too? :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    true :( the risk of buying from high end brands :P

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    chaarms i missed hearing from you!! havent seen a new post from you in awhile, where have you been :3 dont worry im taken on this quest of finding that eye cream that will actually work and when i do will make sure to share it with you :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thats true esp with skincare products, so far my skincare quest isnt working to well for me lol… its not that terrible, but i still havent found products that im fully satisfied with :D i hope i dont have that kind of immunity haha :D :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha :D youre the best talaga sis! and yea i hope so too cause the serum is even more expensive that this. its like what they say fool me once shame on you… fool me twice shame on me LOL

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    i guess its good for girls that are looking for a good moisturizing eye cream but other than that it was enough for my needs. need something stronger for my poor under eye area lol :P thanks tin! <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks rinako i appreciate it!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    judtith :3 i should really pay more attention to ingredients like you do. im not well educated when it comes to this lol :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    i hope so too :D when i find the right eye cream and hopefuly on my next try i will share it with you :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    i shall :D have you tried maybe organics ginzing eye cream? thats the next product on my list :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hi deborah! :) is that the concealer? i think i heard lots of good reviews about it :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    maybe youd like to check the serum with me, their cleanser works well too btw (the white one, forgot the exact name) :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    it had too little improvement in lessening the dark circles, i can get the same effect from a garnier eye product, which is way cheaper. what boscia product have you tried? :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks for reading angel! :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    and when its a lot more expensive lol ^^ hopefully the next eye cream on my list wont be such a disappoint :P

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    ah puffiness… thats my biggest problem sis. kainis lang talaga esp when its extra swollen :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    any tips for sleeping earlier? :) going to try spraying lavender oil on my sheets at night i heard that should help lol

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    it is!! :3 lol it took me a dozen of tries to get a good one, still getting used to using this method :P youll be happy to know that i also bought the Bubbery blush that i was talking about, reading about your blush posts frequently finally gave me a push to get it! :D im sooo excited for that package to arrive

  • Sue says:

    I am looking for an eye cream for recently I am noticing that I am having dark circles. I have seen this but was not yet convinced to try it out for I need to read reviews of it first. Good thing, I found your review about i. Nowthis is ou of my list.

  • Diana says:

    it helps a bit as well. I have really big and dark under eye circles (I'm always looking for the perfect concealer that covers both my under eye circles and my spots…TwT) and although they are still there, this makes them less purple and more “skin toned” (I'm not sure if I explained it in the right way T__T )

  • Emae says:

    Aw, sad na it didn't work. Have you tried Bobbi Brown's eye cream? I've heard lots of positive reviews abt it! :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    im glad it helped :D i was actually a little bit disappointed at allure mag for giving this item a high review but i guess it works on other skin types? idk but i rly wished it work for me too, going to try ginzing eye cream from origins next. what are the other creams on your list? :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    ooo not yet but is that the tinted one? :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    i totally get the purple tone really. thats one of my concerns. ill look up into this brand, i was planning to get origins ginzing eye cream though when im done with kiehls (i feel obliged to use it all up cause of its price lol)

  • Nikki P. says:

    Was going to check this eye cream out but I'm glad I saw your post. Saved me the money and disappointment. Thanks. :)

  • Diana says:

    Oh I've heard really amazing things about Origins as well! I haven't got it yet because it's not available here TwT

  • Anna Luisa says:

    I use THEFACESHOP Wrinkle Stop Eye Cream. It's the best I've tried so far. I haven't tried a lot but it's better than Clinique's (IMHO). :)

  • MuShii says:

    50USD is quite pricey. Too bad it wasn't good enough for you.
    Do you have any good eye creams suggestions ?

  • Hollie says:

    aw too bad it didn't do sh*t…lol super pricey pa naman. The only thing that worked on my undereye area is the Mary Kay Eye Revitalizer, which reminds me I have to make a review on that pala…hahaha

  • yep, I feel ya! I always do things just like that. I use something… it doesn't work great, it was expensive, and then I go right back and buy something else they make that is similar. LOL… I will say I have heard great things about the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate Serum. You will definitely have to let us know how it works. The one that I have tried and like a lot is the Philosophy Eye Hope. It works good for the darkness under the eyes. Not so much for puffiness, but darkness.

  • Nina says:

    I am like you and many of the other people on here and I'm on a search for a good eye cream because I too have dark circles and puffiness. I look forward to seeing your reviews for other eye creams. :)


  • Shayne ♥ says:

    here too lol but im thinking of getting one on sephoras spring sale :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    im glad it helped nikki, you can also ask for sample at kiehls they are pretty generous at giving some, however you cant really test its long term effects on you since a sample last for only around a few days :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    ah thank you for the recommendation, i was suppose to get clinique's eye cream over this but thankfully i didnt cause so far a lot of girls say it didnt work on them :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hi mushii im trying origins ginzing eye cream next :) heard a lot of good reviews about it and its not as pricey as kiehls :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    yea sakit sa wallet talaga LOL now i feel like i have to use it all up kase sayang sa moneyz. thanks for the reco sis!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha! will do! :D philosophy products are also under my radar now, im thinking of getting a set on the nordstrom annive sale lol thanks for the heads up on philosophy eye hope ill keep that in mind <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks nina! hope i can find the right eye cream for me soon :D

  • MuShii says:

    I can't wait to read your review !

  • My eye area is also a very big concern of mine. I also have stress lines; dark circles that I’m sure won’t just go away with creams and very dry sensitive skin. Puffiness at least for now, I have none, even when I don’t sleep.
    That packaging is indeed handy to control the amount of product, but USD50 for the cream not to work is a bit pricey!
    But the serums usually produce better results, from reviews I’ve read from many brands. Hopefully that one will work for you, because I understand when not wanting to give up on a product right away…
    Take care!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    i wish my under eye area was like yours and never gets puffy, i hate that most :D been using the serum for awhile now and its reallly gooood :D iluvit hehe just want to use it more till i write my final thoughts on it :)

  • Sukla Deb says:


    Thanks a lot for your products I think its very important for skincare.


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