Beauty Bites : Cinnamon Sugar Apple Dip

Once again I had to debate with myself on whether I should keep queenofallyousee strictly about beauty related things only lol. Does anybody else have the same OCD tendencies? I stress on how my pictures aren’t very united — different category content, ambiance, decor… which totally doesn’t make sense even to me. Yup lunacy I tell you.

Anywayz today’s post is just a quick chitchat on this easy healthy snack I learned from one of my favorite beauty vloggers Elle Fowler aka the girl who has my dream makeup closet, and yes she has a closet full of makeup. It’s yummy, light, and yet it fills up the stomach fast… or maybe I just ate too much of it.


an apple a day

It’s very simple, just mix your plain greek yogurt, sugar, and cinnamon powder. The amount of sugar and cinnamon you’ll put will depend on your flavor preference, so just keep experimenting with it. I added around two spoons of sugar and A LOT of cinnamon. You can also add some honey cereal flakes to your dip, if like me you want it crunchier.

I hope you enjoyed this short recipe as much Bentley (my Yorkie) and I did :) any apple recipes you’d like to share?


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