Spring DIY : Floral Gift Wrap

May I borrow your blogging mojo? Lately, I find myself out of words and not in the blogging mood. But I really wanted to post something today so BEHOLD my secret gift wrapping obsession lol. Fun fact — when I was a kid, I thought that by the time I would be old enough to work there would be a high-paying gift wrapping (or scrap-booking) job waiting for me.

This is how I gift wrapped my mom’s present for her birthday. She liked it a lot and it took her awhile to come to the conclusion that this is in fact not a real flower. It doesn’t look like it would fool anyone on these pics, does it? But I promise you it looks prettier in person. Anyway here’s how you can make it…

1. Cut six 3-inch size squares from a sheet of pink Japanese paper. After that, group these papers into three, and fold each set thrice as seen on the pics above.

2. Draw a half petal on each set of the folded paper in different sizes (small medium large). By the way, I made two flowers and the flower in this post’s last picture doesn’t have any medium sized petals, just the large and small ones. Cut out the petals and carefully unfold them. This part can be quite tricky since the paper is delicate so do it ever—so—slightly (I feel like everyone is saying that phrase lately). And don’t worry too much if you damage the paper a little. Arrange your petals on top of each other, and staple them together.


3. You can conceal the staple by placing a little piece of cut out Japanese paper on top of it. Cut little leaves from a sheet of green paper. Using double-sided adhesive tape or hot glue, arrange and stick both your flower and leaves on top of your gift box. Fluff your paper flower by carefully crunching each petal.

I hope you find this useful. Especially for the upcoming Mother’s Day whichisnotreallyanytimesoon but I hope that you’ll remember this by then!

Any gift wrapping ideas you’d like to share? :)


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