Makeup Under Pressure : Giveaway Winner

I packed my luggage thinking I’d come back loaded with a “whats in my make up travel kit” post to share with you, but… it turns out that not all the makeup I brought were worth recommending for a beach trip. In other words, some of them melted on my face lol. Let me show you which of these products did and did not perform well “under pressure”.

palawan adventure

By pressure I mean extreme humidity. The weather in Palawan is quite humid, and rightly so because it’s a narrow island surrounded by beautiful beaches and smaller islands. We went island hopping, saw a sea turtle, and I held a huge starfish for the first time… the highlights of my trip :) And we took a small boat trip into this amazing… deep, dark, dangerous cave that could be the home of the largest snake alive O.O (they didn’t say that, but it’s hard to not think it’s possible) The Underground River, which is also one of the seven wonders of nature. The entire trip was fun and exhausting, all my poise and beauty consciousness left and flew out of Palawan without me. And my makeup kit wasn’t a huge help either.

extreme humidity test

Lets start with the products that did perform well. I kind of expected the K-Palette eyeliner to excel in this situation, so there’s no big surprise here, after all they named it the 1 Day TATTOO eyeliner — Holy Grail level. There were no signs of smudging / creasing but it did fade a little faster than usual over time, which isn’t really a big deal.

Lancome Miracle Tient Foundation was still as good as it usually is during normal sunny but-not-too-humid weather. I had to pat my face with my Chanel “blotting” Powder once or twice to remove shine but again not really a big issue for me since I do that even on a normal day. Together, they gave almost full coverage but still somehow maintained a second skin luminous look really pretty for the beach.

melting wonders

Now on to those products that aren’t very beach friendly, first are two of my recent purchases from Sleek — Sleek Au Naturel eyeshadow palette and their limited edition Sleek mirrored pink blush. Most of my sleek makeup practically lasts all day on a sunny weather, but surprisingly this time they didn’t survive long.

My eyeshadow creased all over my eyelids down to the area below my eyes. It created a slightly dark ring around my eyes, nothing too noticable but I still can’t help but feel like an asian a brown panda. I knew it was the eyeshadows fault because I didn’t apply mascara during the trip.

I guess part of the blame should also go to my NYX eyeshadow base since it is after all in charge of preventing the eyeshadow from creasing. Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer melted the fastest. It’s creamy and somewhat oily by default so I wasn’t that surprised. My MAC lipsticks in brave, which usually last for four hours, lasted only two hours well on my lips.

In normal city weather these products are okay, if not excellent, but I guess there are a few things to remember when bringing makeup to a hot and humid place. Anywayz hope you find this helpful. It’s almost summer here so everyone will be heading to the beach soon! Any suggestions of good beach friendly products?

giveaway winner

Congratulations Sara T. for winning our RoseWholesale Giveaway! Apologiez for the slight delay on announcing this. I wanted to wait for her reply first for confirmation. Thanks to everyone who joined the giveaway and I hope to see you all again on the next one soon :)