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I packed my luggage thinking I’d come back loaded with a “whats in my make up travel kit” post to share with you, but… it turns out that not all the makeup I brought were worth recommending for a beach trip. In other words, some of them melted on my face lol. Let me show you which of these products did and did not perform well “under pressure”.

palawan adventure

By pressure I mean extreme humidity. The weather in Palawan is quite humid, and rightly so because it’s a narrow island surrounded by beautiful beaches and smaller islands. We went island hopping, saw a sea turtle, and I held a huge starfish for the first time… the highlights of my trip :) And we took a small boat trip into this amazing… deep, dark, dangerous cave that could be the home of the largest snake alive O.O (they didn’t say that, but it’s hard to not think it’s possible) The Underground River, which is also one of the seven wonders of nature. The entire trip was fun and exhausting, all my poise and beauty consciousness left and flew out of Palawan without me. And my makeup kit wasn’t a huge help either.

extreme humidity test

Lets start with the products that did perform well. I kind of expected the K-Palette eyeliner to excel in this situation, so there’s no big surprise here, after all they named it the 1 Day TATTOO eyeliner — Holy Grail level. There were no signs of smudging / creasing but it did fade a little faster than usual over time, which isn’t really a big deal.

Lancome Miracle Tient Foundation was still as good as it usually is during normal sunny but-not-too-humid weather. I had to pat my face with my Chanel “blotting” Powder once or twice to remove shine but again not really a big issue for me since I do that even on a normal day. Together, they gave almost full coverage but still somehow maintained a second skin luminous look really pretty for the beach.

melting wonders

Now on to those products that aren’t very beach friendly, first are two of my recent purchases from Sleek — Sleek Au Naturel eyeshadow palette and their limited edition Sleek mirrored pink blush. Most of my sleek makeup practically lasts all day on a sunny weather, but surprisingly this time they didn’t survive long.

My eyeshadow creased all over my eyelids down to the area below my eyes. It created a slightly dark ring around my eyes, nothing too noticable but I still can’t help but feel like an asian a brown panda. I knew it was the eyeshadows fault because I didn’t apply mascara during the trip.

I guess part of the blame should also go to my NYX eyeshadow base since it is after all in charge of preventing the eyeshadow from creasing. Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer melted the fastest. It’s creamy and somewhat oily by default so I wasn’t that surprised. My MAC lipsticks in brave, which usually last for four hours, lasted only two hours well on my lips.

In normal city weather these products are okay, if not excellent, but I guess there are a few things to remember when bringing makeup to a hot and humid place. Anywayz hope you find this helpful. It’s almost summer here so everyone will be heading to the beach soon! Any suggestions of good beach friendly products?

giveaway winner

Congratulations Sara T. for winning our RoseWholesale Giveaway! Apologiez for the slight delay on announcing this. I wanted to wait for her reply first for confirmation. Thanks to everyone who joined the giveaway and I hope to see you all again on the next one soon :)


  • Judith says:

    It must have been reallyyyyy humid in order for your lipstick to barely last. I usually go for formula like the color tatoos when I need my make up to stay extra long.

  • Wow! You went to Palawan, envy much! LOL. And I'm impressed you still keep that poise even with sunny and humid weather. I'd probably won't care too much about my face except during photos, ahahaha! :) Lovely photos sis!

  • Diana says:

    Sleek eyeashadows usually need a really nice a potent primer to work under extreme situations. I personally never tried – although I'll be sure to get it for this years Summer time – but a friend of mine really loves The Balm's Put a lead'on it primer. Our summer is really hard sometimes – with 40º Celsius and that primer was the only one that kept my friends eyeshadows in place. Including Sleek and Nyx.

    Now I'm sad about the Concealer :< It's something I want to get for myself this Birthday...I guess I'll be sure to just use him during the Fall, Winter and Spring time.
    Anyway, thank you for your recommendations :3
    Take care, have a nice day!*

  • The NYX e/s base isn't my fave. ELF eye primer is better. NYX makes my e/s crease even if I'm inside an airconditioned room. ELF do not! :-)

  • Elle says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Shayne! Though I haven't got my hands over these products you've mention, I'll be taking notes for my future purchases. :)

  • That is such a shame that some of it melted! I hate hate hate when that happens.

  • ecass says:

    I am definitely going to keep this in mind next time I go on holiday, may even have to purchase the eyeliner! :)

  • Anete says:

    Great post!
    Maybe we can follow to each other? :)

  • Great make up!!!!I miss reading your blog Shayne.. Palawan is on my bucket list..hope I'll be able to visit the place someday ehehe <3

    love lots,

  • Fred ❆ says:

    We have the same thought! When i was just about to go to SG, i was formulating in my head a what's in my travel kit post. And turns out, i didn't even use 3/4 of my makeups! :D
    Great post by the way! This is why i don't almost anything in my eyes when going on a beach vacay! They tend to melt like Avril's mascara/eyeliner in her crying MTVs! Haha!

  • Rae A. says:

    This is a great idea. Coincidence. I just started making my hot yoga sessions as an opportunity to test out meltability. Will update you about it soon.

  • Oh my gosh. Your vacation sounds so wonderful! I'm stuck in snowy 12 degree weather so anywhere warm sounds nice now, but especially an island getaway watching sea turtles! Hope you had a lot of fun, Id imagine you had to have! I definitely want to try that foundation, it sounds pretty great and long lasting. Foundation is hard to wear for me in the heat, because most foundations just slide right off my face. Maybe with a blotting powder they would stay better! :)


  • Victoria says:

    Okay, that Lancome foundation is getting too close on my to-buy list. Hehe. And oh, Palawan. Pretty! I'm not a very outdoorsy person kasi but I hope you had loads of fun.

  • hazel says:

    omgoshh Palawan!!! I missed that island! which part of palawan did you visit? I was in Puerto Princesa last year :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    it was! LOL i thought of those products too as i was writing this post. ill probably try one lipstick in liquid form or tints for trial, some say those lasts longer, any product suggestions? :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    nako sis nawala na lahat ng poise ko on the second day hahaha :D thank you!! :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    i think youll only have a problem with the concealer on an extremely hot weather, which i think isnt common in portugal? or is it? :D either way youre right about it being nice for winter or spring where its still a little cold. i will check on the balms primer next time i visit their counter i hope its tinted :) thank you thank you!!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks jackie! :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    is the elf primer tinted like nyx skin tone base? how much is the elf eye primer sis? :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hehe thanks for reading elle! i-book na yan for summer! :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    ah yes i actually didnt expect half of them to melt the way they did lol :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    this k-palette eyeliner is THE BEST :D my HG liner, youre going to like it :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hello sis! ibook na ang palawan for summer! hehe :) PS: i miss reading yours too!!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    ay im glad to hear this haha! i actually dont use most of the makeup i bring every time i go on vacation too. something about going to a new / far place that makes me feel stressed and too preoccupied to even care how i look. then when i get home and look at our vacay pics i look terrible :D :D thank you sis!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thatd be a really helpful post sis, ill look forward to it, i rly hope you can find a mascara that wont melt! :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    omg its still snowing there :3 i wish we could swap countries for a week! id love to experience snow hahaha. and thank you i did have fun :D will try to write a review on the foundation soon, im just waiting to finish up this old bottle so i could get a new one with its label still intact lol :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    ay its really nice sis :) been buying it for i think more than 5 years na, you can try it sa rustans to see if its your foundation type :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    puerto princesa too!! :) have you been to elnido? i want to go there next, its super pretty daw :3

  • That is so true, with our hot humid weather especially during summer, nothing stays put. Whenever I go to the beach, I only use lip and cheek tints (and a lip balm), somehow that's the only thing that works for me if I want a pop of color.

  • What a paradisiac place and thank you for the suggestions lovely! x

  • Naaj Rona says:

    Oh no, so sorry to hear that. That is why I don't wear make up at all whenever I go to Goa. It humid there and the make up makes me look worse. The most I wear if I remember is a lip balm or lipstick. I cannot do Eyeshadows or Mascaras.

    The place looks lovely, especially the colours of the water. The Green and Blue waters can clearly be seen on the pics, amazing photography Shayne.

    You went to the cave where there is a snake????? I would not even get on the boat if they had told me that there is a snake, no way.

    I'm glad you were able to go away and enjoy some time off. Hope you are feeling better and the stitches are all off by now. Take care babe xx

  • Sunny says:

    Oh I can use a trip to Palawan about now! It looks like a paradise!

    I don't think I have tried to wear makeup on the beach. The best heat- and humidity-resistant foundation I have tried is Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, although for some strange reason it does photograph pretty bad (it's not even the SPF. It only has 10 so I have no idea what's wrong there)!

  • Vanessa N says:

    (I had to google where Palawan is…jeebus MULTIPLE SHIVERS AT THE SCENERY SHOTS)
    Ugh, if it's extreme humidity, I would just give up on makeup, man. (I'll probably have to forgo makeup when I'm in Asia this summer….BUT I WILL BRING BACK ALLLLL THE BLUSHES)

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ

  • Czarina Mae says:

    It's one of my dreams to visit Palawan (and Boracay) one day too! The place looks soo pretty and I really want to see the Underground River :( Ahhh!

    Haha. Anyway, I don't really bother with make-up when I go to the beach or to any humid places for that matter. I'm afraid of make-up melting on my face! I've recently gone to the beach and all I bothered to put on was my lipstick which gave up on life after a while. Kaya I was like, forget it na and just go and swim! Hahaha :)

  • Emae says:

    Giiirl, how come ngayon ko lang to nabasa! Haha! Funny lang because this post is so sakto. Today in school namomroblema ako bat parang di naglalast make-up ko. I've been using powder foundation kasi. Huhu. Now I know. And that Lancome foundation, me likey! <3

  • Natasja says:

    Palawan seems aaaaaaaah-maaazing :D honestly. When I know I am going on holiday to a place (beach) where it's super hot and humid I just tend to take less make-up with me. All about letting your face (body and mind) come to peace and let it rest. Let it breathe. So I would definitely skip the foundation.. probably just play with eyeliner, mascara and lipstick for a bit of color in your face (or colored eyeliners). Going back to (my personal) basics.. :) But I am not sure whether that solves your problem.. :)

  • Natasja says:

    Oh.. and if the lipstick doesn't even last.. go for a color stain/tint.. always a good way to get some color. Or eat lots of berries.. and be messy :P you might get some color off of it. Haha. Joking!

  • Judith says:

    Apparently the liquid lipstick from sleek are awesome, but I haven't tried them myself yet

  • Anna Luisa says:

    K-Palette liner is also a HG product for me. Too bad the Sleek products melted away. A part of me wants to go to Palawan but I'm also scared of the mystery behind the Underground River. Now that you mentioned that the biggest snake alive may be lying somewhere there, I'm scratching the place off my places to visit. It's now replaced by Vigan. Haha.

  • Apple Borbon says:

    Yikes! I've been to Puerto Princesa before but it wasn't that humid, prolly 'cause the summer season was over then. But I totally get how beach trips can suck the freshness out of you. Hahaha! So when traveling, I use minimal makeup, wipe my face with wet wipes everytime I feel icky, & apply them all over again. Tiyaga tiyaga lang hahaha!

  • Deborah says:

    I'm totally bookmarking this page for the summer – DC summers are so hot and humid and I'm told this summer is going to be absolutely brutal! I usually just skip face products altogether in the summer because I find they just melt off my face after a few minutes. I do find gel eyeliners work well when it comes to the eyes – MAC blacktrack fluidline stays put all day!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  • Thank you for these great tips~! ^^ <3
    — 清美 ♡

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    will check on these along with rimmel apocalypse and nyx , i heard those two are good too :D ty for the brand info! :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    im starting to get into the idea of lip and cheek tints esp for summer! :D i used to wear these back when i was still afraid to use an actual blush on lol, what brand are you using? :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    the place is even more beautiful in person :3 thanks!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha no no sorry for the misunderstanding, they didnt say it has a giant snake inside but when you go in, its hard not to think theres nothing big and dangerous inside. the cave was too big and too deep for a creature that huge to not live in it. and we were only allowed to explore a small area of the underground river for safety :D thank you naaj! my wound is almost completely healed <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    do you mean it shines or flakes on photos? cause i find this true on some foundations ive tried. like my most recent rimmel wake me up is too shiny on pics. luckily my lancome foundation is pretty photogenic lol. ill check on the estee lauder DWL thanks for the suggestion! :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hehehe thank yous! but its one of those places that looks too beautiful in every angle. some sceneries even reminded me of LOTR and narnia :3 oh btw did you get the k-palette liner?? :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    ah yes boracay! :) hope you can go there asap, its getting more and more crowded every year :( and yes haha thats exactly what i did on my last few days there. i didnt care na how i look! :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    ay ang init talaga these days! ive never tried powder foundation sis, maybe if you use a face primer it will last longer :) they say if your skin type is oily go for powdered foundation and if its dry go for liquid, but idk. i only prefer liquid cause it looks more natural on my face lol. try it on the counter next time your gonna like :3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    its beautiful :3 ooo what mascara do you use? :) i havent used any mascara that can last long in extreme situations like this.

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    berries! there this beauty vlogger i follow that suggested Cool Aid for a lip tint lol , which is actually a brilliant idea cause i cool aid juice stains last a long time on the lips :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha no no im sorry for the misunderstanding. they didnt say it has a large snake inside but we cant help but think theres some big creature living in the cave cause its too big and too deep. but the boatman will only take you to the areas where its safe :) the other parts of the cave is known to be too dangerous for the tourist so noone is allowed there. its beautiful hope you can visit it one day <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    wet wipes! yun yung nakalimutan ko haha. ang sticky nung feeling sis but worth it naman :D

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    global warming is making summer a pain in the ass even here in my country :( thanks for the suggestion! ill keep this in mind. i havent really worn gel liners cause im such a noob at using them lol i usually just go for pen liners ;P

  • Naaj Rona says:

    Sorry Shayne.0, it's stuck in my mind that there is a giant snake there and I stay like 100000000 metres away from this dangerous creatures. I cannot even see them on TV, I am that petrified of them. Even the name brings shivers down my spine. Sorry no going in that Cave ( I've made up my mind…lol)

    Iyaay the stitches are off. So happy to hear that the wound is healed. A big hug, take care xx

  • Iqra says:

    This is such an amazing post, I have loooooved reading it AND seeing your beautiful holiday photos, whilst getting tips for makeup that lasts or doesn't ALL IN ONE?! Only a genius like you could have come up with such an idea! haha, brilliant post,your holiday sounds wonderful, adventure and chillaxing time is my kinda holiday too, could never spend a whole week on the beach, but I don't think walking all day erryday on holiday in the heat either haha. Did you take any photos of the awesome creatures you held?!
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe

  • I'm alternating between the face shop's and ever bilena, but my all time favorite is from the body shop ;)

  • Natasja says:

    well, though I was joking.. berries are a great way to get some (natural) color on your face. Not sure about how long they stay on though.. we should put it to a test :D !!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    ah yes! the body shop lips and cheek tint was one of the first makeups i ever used :3 *nostalgia*

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    haha next time i eat berries im going to test this…. on my wrist to be safe in case i get rashes if i keep it on my skin for a long time :P

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha unfortunately no :( i wish i had taken pictures of the turtle, it was really amazing to see one swimming in the sea randomly… like it was destiny that we came across each other LOL being to emotional again. its sooo nice to hear from you again iqra!! <3

  • Vanessa N says:

    Ugh, I reeally want to go to New Zealand for LOTR/Narnia scenery shots. GOTTA BRING SOME HEAVE DUTY LENS FOR THAT TRIP. Ugh, no I didn't! Clearly I need to replace my BFF (she was the one that was supposed to get it for me, hah)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha waaahyyy. well if you want something from here shipped there i can do that for you, i just dont know how much is the shipping fee from here to there :)

  • Natasja says:

    brilliant, do let me know :D

  • Make-up or No Make-up your pictures are beautiful and the trip sounds amazing!! I hope to see more pics from your trip soon. Sometimes when I am on vacation in a very humid place I just mix my face lotion with some foundation for the day… I feel like it lasts longer and doesn't sweat off quite as bad that way.

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    aw thank you!! and thanks for sharing this technique, will keep this in mind and give it a try one of these days :)

  • Vanessa N says:

    Nah, it's fine! Shipping would probably be outrageous, and since my parents are planning an Asia trip this summer, I might be able to pick it up myself! ;)

  • Belle Femme says:

    Wow..Nice tips dear. Loved your blog. Nice pictures and posts <3
    Greetings from:-

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks belle and welcome to my blog! <3

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