Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

It’s officially spring inside my make up train case! And it’s all thanks to the latest addition to my makeup family, the Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay. You must be eager to know if it really lives up to the hype, so I’m going to just skip blabbering and reveal to you the HITS and MISSES of this palette.


First off, am I the only one who’s not a big fan of the waves on its case? I wish they just made its exterior flat. It’s just that, for me, everything else appears more than enough to make a really good first impression. The box it came with is gorgeous and it looks delicious it reminds me of those designer chocolates in cute boxes. YOU KNOW there is something good and luxurious inside. The case itself is pretty much okay even with the waves and the distinct CLANK it makes as it closes; even my Yorkie, Bentley, hates it.

Other little important stuff you might want to know, it came with a nice and useful rose gold dual brush, and some freebies – a weeks worth of their four primers… that.are.no.longer.inside.mini.potion.bottles… whhyyy.

new rosey nude shades

Since I already have the N1 Palette, I decided to skip the second one because they had too many similar eye shadow shades. It wasn’t wise to buy both, at least for me. But the Naked 3 Palette is a different story. No shades were duplicated. It’s all new rosegold goodness :) I wanted to have it.

I, however, didn’t expect to like it this much. Yes I was crazy excited for it but I was still a little bit skeptical… How many of the eye shadow shades would look good on me and I would actually use? Especially since I tend to be super boring, and mostly just stick to my safe neutral brown eye shadows.


I found all the shades to be really pretty on my skin after all. And generally speaking, the quality is good. Most of them are buttery in texture, pigmented, and last all day. I’ll point out the bad apples in the basket later on. The Matte shades have a nice color pay off. Pearl finish ones are BEAUTIFUL, and the Frosty shades are also pretty but a bit harder to work with.

A nude eye primer will come in handy. With out it, the lighter and frosty colors, like Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, do not stay true to its color, tend to fade easily, and a few will have fall outs. I find this case especially crucial with my lids, since they have a natural taupe-ish undertone. And if your lids are anything like mine, clear eye primers may not be enough to make these beautiful rose shades stay rosey.

So far, my favorite shades are – Burnout, Buzz, Nooner, Liar, and Blackheart. I don’t understand why they would give Liar such a negative name. It’s SO BEAUTIFUL. Burnout and Buzz or Nooner are a perfect match for me. It’s like a nice and fresh spring-goddess-look-combo. Although, Burnout and Buzz have a tendency to over blend making it look almost as if it was one color. Others might not like this, but I actually don’t mind, I think it’s a part of this look’s charm. My least favorite would have to be Dust – aah why didn’t they make this eye shadow perfect. It’s such a beautiful color on the pan but the color pay off isn’t good, it’s crumbly, and all you get is mostly just shimmer and some fall out.

final thoughts

Remember I said I prefer to use just neutral brown eye shadow colors, well… not anymore! :) I really like this palette, sometimes even more than my N1. If N1 is the basic everyday go to palette, N3 is more of the romantic girly version of it. Was it worth spending $52 for? I think so yes, epecially if you like the color rosegold or pink. Besides, are there any good palettes with similar color collection as this? Please send links. So far I’ve only seen a few online, most color dupes are scattered in different eye shadow quads. Which could probably cost more if you buy them separately.

What do you think ladies? Would you buy it? I’ll post an actual make up look / swatch using this palette soon and perhaps a comparison between this and N1 if that’s something you’d like to see.

I got my Naked 3 Palette for the price of PHP2870 through a trusted sulit seller, her sulit online shop is named Beloved7 :)


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