Love it or Leave it? : Lip Care Products

If you asked me years ago what my least favorite facial feature was I would’ve answered… my lips. Thin lips were “in”, and my fuller lips were my greatest insecurity. Oh me and my first world teenage problems. Thankfully that phase is over. And now, I actually love having full lips, and care for them more than usual. These are a few products that worked, didn’t work, and some that became a part of my lip care routine.

quick medical update

I can finally walk again! Very slowly… like a good ol’ turtle. It takes forever and a half (quoting June here) for me to go to the bathroom, which by the way is only a few steps away from my bedroom. I had a minor excision on my neck and right leg. The wound on my leg is still a little painful. Seriously though, I feel like the small stitches are going to rip! ― But that of course is just me being paranoid. Nevertheless, I am taking my doctors advice to not walk too much SERIOUSLY. So for the next few days I’ll be mostly on my bed healing :)

lip essentials

First product, is my homemade lip scrub to gently exfoliate dead skin off my lips. You can purchase lip scrubs at a few beauty stores like Lush and Beauty Bar. But I like to save up and customize mine by making it myself. It’s really easy and effective, if you want to see how, it’s here. You can pretty much choose its flavor and color.

Second are my lip balms to prevent dry chapped lips, and sometimes just to swipe on your lips whenever you’re bored. I LOVE and recommend EOS Strawberry Lip Balm and Maybelline Baby Lips (only the plain baby lips, their tinted versions are terrible) They’re both inexpensive, hydrating, light weight, do not leave a white overlay on my lips, have nice flavors, and they are tucked in these adorable packaging.

I don’t want a huge lip balm collection so I do my best to narrow it down to a few products I really like. I keep my chubby EOS egg in my bedside drawer, and Baby Lips lives inside my bag, since it takes up less space. But to be honest, if I could only recommend one, the EOS balm is better.

the lip butter hunt

Then there’s the lip butter for extra moisture boost. It’s nice to apply before you sleep so when you wake up in the morning your lips are baby soft. Now, I’m actually not a fan of The Body Shop’s lip butter, but it will do… for now. Yes it is moisturizing, but it can also leave a faint white layer ala zombie on my lips, and I’m just tolerating this flavor.

Why did I get dragon fruit then if I don’t like it? The Body Shop’s sales lady insisted I get honey lip “butter” when I specifically asked for lip butter and firmly said “not the lip balm”. I was in a hurry and didn’t notice it was actually lip balm after all. Had to drive all the way back to the store to replace it and this was the only lip butter they had. Oh well, it was my mistake not to double check the item but… I was really disappointed at how the lady still insisted there were no significant differences between the two. Well then forget lip butter and why not just call both lip balms eh =|

Will I repurchase this? Nope, leave it and unfortunately I do not recommend it. I really wanted to like it though, I bought this product to restrain myself from spending gold on Dior’s creme de rose. I’m still looking for a fairly good lip butter alternative. I hope you’re not yet tired of me asking this but… have any suggestions? :)