Valentine’s Day DIY : Cake In A Jar

Valentines is the day when most of us turn into annoying little love bugs. Annoying in a good way of course. In our own creative way, we express our deep appreciation for our special someone by giving gifts – chocolates in pretty boxes, jewelries, flowers… As for me, I like handing over simple and thoughtful gifts on Valentine’s Day that, as much as possible, I make myself.

dessert in a jar

Here’s an idea of something you can give out this February. Everybody seems to be into gifts in a jar so I thought I’d get on the bandwagon and make dessert in a jar. It’s really easy to make, and let me tell you, this dessert is sooo yummy. Plus your lovey doves, whomever they may be, can always reuse the jar for something else when they’re done with what’s inside. Nifty right? Others call this cake Mango Cream Ref Cake, name too long so… we’ll just call it Mango Float.

mango float

WELL look at how messy it turned out. Guys it does not look like the way I imagined it would be. Hahaha! You can barely see the mango layers! I guess I used the cream too early, which brings us to the first step…

Chill the all purpose cream in the freezer long enough so that its more solid. Mix one cup of all purpose cream with half a cup of condensed milk. Start layering your crushed graham crackers, cream & milk mixture, and slices of mango inside your jar. Stack as many layers as you want but make sure that the top most layer should be mangoes over your cream mixture. Add a little name tag and chill the jar inside the freezer. Remind your friend that its best to eat it chilled.

How do you girls want to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? As for me, a copy of the movie The Notebook or About Time to watch with my boyfriend and a good selection of my favorite appetizers would make me the happiest girl in the world. Boring person, yup.


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