Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

One of the first signs of being a beauty blogger, is becoming crazy obsessed over collecting makeup products. The thing is, once you start collecting, it’s almost impossible to kill the habit. So to balance out the craziness in my “beauty spending”, instead of constantly buying new makeup, I’ve decided to invest on something else a lot more boring and yet more important skincare products.

The first item on my list is moisturizer. Not that I’m unhappy with my old one, in fact I like it a lot, buuut… Since I’ve never really tried many other moisturizers, I keep wondering if there’s something else better for me, which brings me into trying Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.

HELLO YELLOW MOISTURIZERSo is it really dramatically different? I have dry combination skin type, leaning a lot more on the dry side recently, since the weather in the Philippines is colder than usual. While my skin appears fairly good, when you touch it in some areas, it feels like it has little grains of sand… like the Sahara Desert! It’s heartbreaking.

But no matter how rough my skin is, it instantly gets smoothened out after I apply this product. Like it washes away those little invisible grains of sand that was keeping my face coarse, and this silky feeling lasts all day. I think it provides more hydration than my other moisturizers.


Unfortunately, it has a dark side… like it really made my skin darker… and a lot oilier after weeks of using it. It could be because it has no SPF or perhaps cause it does not have any brightening properties. I just simply lost some glow on my skin. So I tried using it alternately with my other moisturizers, and even then I wasn’t satisfied with it.


I guess I focused too much on what it is best at doing and forgot to pay attention to what it does not have when I bought it…. gah. It is a good moisturizer alright, but that’s just it, it only moisturizes “dramatically”. It does not offer any protection from the sun, anti-aging, and brightening properties, which are among the major things most of us look for. I would only recommend it to someone who has a very dry skin and wants some serious hydration and nothing else, or to someone who’s willing to mix using it with other products to make up for what it lacks.

Sadly, my first take on my skincare product search wasn’t very successful. But the hunt is still on, in the meantime, do you have any good skin care products to recommend?