Tips & Tricks : Fixing Broken Eyeshadow

As you can see, my eye shadow need some extra tender loving care what you didn’t see is, I actually broke this eye shadow intentionally. Yup, it was just too chalky I threw it against the wall. Okay I’m kidding. The real story is, I’ve never gotten to use this chalky makeup. I didn’t want it to retire with out serving any purpose, so I did a little experiment with it, I’ve always wanted to try fix cracked makeup.

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I wish I had this trick in my head when I broke my good ol’ bronzer many years ago. It’s every makeup owners nightmare to see their “babies” shatter into pieces. Good thing there’s a way to fix it, and if you didn’t know this yet it may come in handy for you in the future.

The first thing you have to do is break the eyeshadow into smaller pieces using a sanitized stick or hair pin. Gently pour alcohol on it until it’s gooey. Other people use a spray bottle – tried that and it was super messy. A part of my table basically turned bronze.

Let it dry a little for around three minutes, then gently press the eyeshadow using folded tissue paper. Some girls use a coin wrapped in tissue paper. But I feel like a coin is dirty for this, so I used just the tissue instead. This pretty much does the job to compress the eyeshadow into one piece. Let your eye shadow dry completely and it is once again ready for use.

Have you had your makeup break before?


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