DIY : Gradient Ombre Nail Art ♥

I feel like I’ve been gone from blogging for a very long time. I missed hearing from all of you, reading your blogs, and writing my own posts. Yesterday I did a little reading and found out that I won Shari, The Misty Mom‘s first giveaway. Hooray! ♥ I feel very blessed and lucky to have won her giveaway because I am a big fan of The Misty Mom even before I started my own blog, and back then I only knew a handful of blogs so it was very special for me :)

Today I decided to try nail art that seemed intimidating to me at first but turned out to be fun and easy. It’s a DIY gradient / ombre nail art. You can find a lot of these tutorials online, but I wanted to take you with me as I attempted to venture into it for the first time. I also hope that you find this helpful and perhaps encourage you to try it as well if you haven’t :)

MATERIALS. You are going to need two colors of nail polish (I used Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish #36 and Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polish in Tropicalia), a top coat (I used Caronia Clear Nail Polish), nail polish remover & cotton buds to clean up your nails after because they will get messy, a plate, a sponge (I got this from the supermarket), and some toothpicks.

1. Paint your nails with the lighter color of nail polish and wait for it to dry.
2. Cut up your sponge into little pieces for an easier grip & so you can use the other parts for other nail art.
3. Pour a generous amount of nail polish onto your plate. Make sure that both colors are almost touching each other.

4.Use a toothpick to mix those two colors of nail polish in the middle where they meet. This area will determine the length of the gradient on your nails. You can adjust the size of the mixture depending on how big you want your gradient to be.
5. Use a portion of your sponge and dab it on the mixture. You can dab this sponge on a piece of tissue if you got too much nail polish on it just to remove the excess.

6. Dab the sponge with the nail polish mixture on your nails. Keep dabbing until you get the result that you want.
7. Clean up time. If by this time your nails are all awfully messy, then you are doing a good job. Use your acetone and cotton buds to clean up the excess nail polish on your fingers
8.  When its dry paint a top coat over it and let it dry.

Tada! Very easy and I must say really fun to do. Also I’d like to point out that the the nail polish colors are brighter in real life and looked subtle on these pictures because of the lighting. Hope you like it! ♥

Pictures by Shayne Naidas


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