Pretty Little Things : Forever 21 Accessories Haul

I originally wanted to share both the clothes and accessories I hauled from Forever 21 Makati‘s weekend sale but I had to remove the clothing photos because I embarrassingly do not own a working iron. As much as I love my camera being high definition, it also magnifies everything in the picture including all the wrinkles on the clothes. Imagine how frustrating it is to shoot a selfie portrait with it. Here are the accessories I snagged from their sale. I hope you like the pictures :)

Mermaid Necklace – discounted price PHP104.50. It’s not really named the mermaid necklace. I just thought it reminded me of Ariel, even though it is obviously not “sea themed” because there are birds in it haha. Super Cute Bow Necklace – regular price 280.00. Rhinestone Earrings – discounted price PHP89.50. As you may or may not have noticed it has a defect. One earring is missing a rhinestone :( The defect is really tiny and I think can fix it. But from now on, note to shayne! – inspect before paying.

Silver Earrings – regular price PHP225.00. Really simple but nice when worn. Sparkling Gold Beaded Necklace – discounted price PHP154.50. The picture cannot capture how sparkly this necklace is. Long Rhinestone earrings – discounted price PHP89.50. Really pretty and long drop down earrings that make me look taller hehe.

This was my first time to shop at Forever21 during a sale and I loved it. I absolutely hate shopping when its too crowded. A little trick for all of us who don’t like this, arrive at their doorstep slightly before they open :) Also, I just want to say that the service of F21 is OUTSTANDING. It is one of the main reasons why I love shopping there, they will assist you all the way. Very chatty, super friendly, they will carry your shopping bag for you, and even bring a chair to the fitting room if ever you get tired (they did it for my mom hehe).

P.S. I hope that everyone is safe from the storm and I pray that the rain will stop soon.


Forever 21 website, facebook
Forever 21 Philippines branches : SM Mall of Asia, SM Makati, Megamall, North Edsa,  Lanang Premier Davao City,  SM City Cebu
Logo from their website


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