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I hope you enjoy these kinds of posts because I am very eager to share them with you, and very excited to read your answers. I am a big TV junkie. I love watching TV shows a lot, and sometimes I even watch the same show over and over again like a lunatic. It took me awhile to narrow everything down to my top five favorite TV shows of all time.

Because I am a nosy person please make sure to write down your list below too. Would love to see what you like to watch and would love to discover new shows as well :)

1. Sex and The City
In my humble opinion, this is the best girly show ever. It focuses on four great ladies named Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, Samantha Jones, and Miranda Hobbes. I love all of them and the comedy and warmth of their friendship. My favorite character and the one that I can probably relate to most is Charlotte.

2. Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl played a very important part in my life. A lot of girls watched it to get updates on the latest fashion. Blair and Serena wore the prettiest trendy clothes at the time. Blair Waldorf’s style even inspired me to create headbands that later on became a boutique named The Royalty Shop. A lot of opportunities opened up for me, which was very fun and rewarding.

3. The OC
Before Gossip Girl, the same makers created the show The OC. It has a lot of similarities to Gossip Girl and one of the traits of this show that I like better is that its more laid back. The sets are amazing. I would love to live beside the beach someday. My favorite characters were Summer Roberts and Seth Cohen. They were very cute together. I followed their love story until the end of the show.

4. Vampire Diaries
I didn’t want to get involved with the circle of people who like watching vampire shows because I really can’t take horror films but I just can’t ignore this show. Even if sometimes it scares me at night after watching it. Besides, how can you ignore Damon Salvatore haha. Its next season will air this October together with its spin off show – The Originals. I’m excited to watch it :)

5. Pretty Little Liars
I rarely adore any shows that have a lot of people constantly dying or about to die in it. Pretty Little Liars (and Vampire Diaries) were one of the few exceptions. These pretty girls wear the cutest outfits. I would love to raid Spencer Hastings’ closet :) The season ender episode which aired a couple of days ago was epic. I am not going to spill any details in case some of you haven’t watched it yet. Its spin off show will premier this October. Kind of makes me sad to think that Caleb could be leaving PLL, is he?

Hope you enjoyed this mini TV show favorites list and don’t forget to write down your answers below :)

What are your favorite TV shows? 
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