Twinkling Tweaks & Updates

Hello there! Our electricity just came back up after a long night of rain and frightful thunderstorms. I was writing this entry when the power suddenly went out last night. The weather hasn’t been very nice at all. I hope everyone is well and out of harm. Just a quick update and a little FOTD ;

MY ABSENCE. I am still alive :) I haven’t been around in the past few days because of two main reasons; First, my schedule has been disorganized. I’ve been like a sailor without a compass – take away the compass and I wander around the sea doing nothing of purpose. Second, my laptop has been possessed, the screen kept blinking and doing cartwheels like a gymnast. Fortunately, my smart handyman tweaked some things on my laptop and it’s all fixed now.

TWEAKS ON MY BLOG. I also made my own little tweaks on “queenofallyousee” to make it more functional for you, and to personalized it more. I added new pages / categories on my navigation bar (beauty, fashion, and lifestyle). I also changed my profile banner and Blog Lovin widget. The one I was using before wasn’t mine so I wanted to create something that speaks of my personality. I was thinking of making a Blog Lovin widget for you too but I am not sure if it was something you’d like, so please let me know if you want to see it here in my blog :)

 photo about-twitter_zps90e18b05.jpg photo about-facebook_zps9425f053.jpg photo about-pinterest_zps7a3ff568.jpg photo about-bloglovin_zps4656fcc6.jpg photo about-instagram_zps887b2964.jpg

SOCIAL NETWORKS. I also deicided to join all the major social networks. You see, I’ve been living under a rock. Before “queenofallyousee”, I only had a Facebook account which I never really used. Having this blog made me realized that I am missing on quite a lot of wonderful things. So I created the following accounts and I hope you can take time to add me. And please leave me a link to your accounts too :)

Thank you for still visiting even on the absence of my new posts. And if it is your first time viewing this, welcome. There are a lot of interesting posts in line for this week. Take care


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