Review : NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

NYX is probably the number one drugstore brand that I really wish we had here in the Philippines. They are extremely affordable and although most of their products can be a hit or miss, if you are careful, you can find items that you are really going to treasure and may even be worth more than what you pay for. The first ever product that I bought from them are their NYX Jumbo Pencils. I was drawn to the chubby crayons concept and the really cheap price.


Strawberry Milk , Sparkle Nude, Yogurt, Cashmere, Cottage Cheese

First of all you have a large variety of colors to choose from, these are just my top five favorites. :) The packaging is very cute and easy going. You just slide it on your skin, blend it with your fingers, and slide it back again inside your make up pouch, and you’re good to go. While the packaging can be its strength it can also be its downfall because a portion of the product goes to waste when you sharpen the pencils, which is why I prefer pots. But the good thing about it being a pencil is you can use these both as an eye shadow and an eye liner.


Strawberry Milk
Its texture is very creamy and it glides on your skin easily. Kind of like the MAC paint pots. It is highly pigmented when applied on your skin at first. It blends easily but you have to be careful because the color can fade away very fast as you spread it on your eye lids. It will leave a very faint color and a lot of shimmer, which I didn’t like.



That’s why I think a primer is very important to use with these pencils. It is also better if your primer is skin tone colored to even out the base of your eye lids. This will make the colors pop and make the product last longer on your skin. You also have to keep in mind that they crease a lot, especially if your eye lids are oily. That’s the reason why I only picked colors that are more natural so I won’t really mind it when they crease. Besides there are make up looks that are better when the eye colors are a little bit creased and messy.


Sparkle Nude

It lasts for around five hours without a primer on me. After five hours the color will be weak and it won’t be that pretty anymore. I discovered that the darker colors (strawberry milk, sparkle nude, yogurt) lasted longer than the lighter ones – (cashmere and cottage cheese). For that reason I do not like using Cashmere and Cottage Cheese as a main eye shadow base unless of course I am putting another eye shadow on top of them.


Sparkle Nude

I like using them with my Urban Decay Naked eye shadows. Their colors are a good match, especially Sparkle Nude and Yogurt. I use UD as my main eye shadow, and use the jumbo pencils as an eye liner on my waterline or if I want to add more sparkle around my eyes. I just have to blend them out after applying so I don’t have a harsh metallic color under my eyes. They are also beautiful to apply on your tear duct and instantly brightens up your eyes.


Cottage Cheese

How ’bout you? I’m really interested to know which colors do you have and love?  :)

NYX Jumbo Pencils
Price is more or less PHP 150.00 depending on your retailer
This product has its ups and downs. They are very easy to use and can act as an eye shadow, eye liner, and sometimes even as a highlighter. The colors are wonderful but they can fade easily and crease with out a primer. Primer is a must when it comes to using this product. Overall I still think that this is a good purchase because it is very affordable and fun to use.


NYX website
logo from NYX’s website


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