A Light Snack You Should Check Out At Italianni’s

My mouth was watering as I was trying to compose this entry. Last week I went to see a doctor to have my lower spine checked. After that we had a little snack at Italianni’s. I’ve always enjoyed eating in this restaurant. I really appreciate Italian cuisine for producing the best quality ingredients for their dishes. I normally don’t post food related topics in my blog but this was one of those dishes that tastes so good you want to tell all your friends to try it :)

Insalata Mediterraneo Salad PHP550.00

Before talking about the star of my dining experience, let me share the other dish that we had. This is an Insalata Mediterraneo Salad. It has shrimp, Feta cheese, tomatoes, onions, black olives, romaine lettuce, arugula with Italian vinaigrette. Strangely enough its taste reminds me of Greece. It is both salty and sour at the same time, and has a little bitterness every time you get a bite of that arugula. This is not my preferred taste but it is still good (Forgive me, I am beginning to realize that I am awful at describing food haha).

Fontina and Prosciutto flat bread PHP525.00

I believe this next dish is a new product of Italianni’s. My boyfriend is a great chef and he is in love with prosciutto, so I definitely wanted to try the Fontina and Prosciutto flat bread. Besides, their menu highly recommends this too. It has fontina, kalamata olives, prosciutto, and creamy pesto sauce. I am not familiar with half of these ingredients but I tell you, all together they taste amazing, full of flavor.

If you’ve seen the movie Ratatouille, they used fireworks to interpret the feeling you get when you take a bite of a really tasty dish. It’s a very dramatic illustration, but that’s exactly how I felt with this flat bread. One order is good enough for two to three persons, but only as a light snack. This will not fill your tummy if your hungry. Nevertheless it is delicious, perfect for an afternoon snack with the girls, or a quick bite to share on a lovely date. Buon appetito! :)


Italianni’s Fontina and Proscuitto Flat Bread
Price : PHP 525.00
It tastes amazing. I highly recommend you try it :)

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