3 Exciting Lush News You’ll Love

I haven’t stopped thinking about the Lush party I attended last week. Not just because of the cute bath bomb inspired cake pops (inserted a photo below so you can see how cute they were), or the fun make-your-own bubble bar activity for their guests, it’s also because I have been a huge Lush user for years. A Lush store is my go-to place whenever I feel like pampering myself, and whenever I need to repurchase my ever-so-reliable sleeping aid, Lush Sleepy lotion.

So you could just imagine my excitement when I heard about their latest upgrades to their store. Here’s for all my fellow Lushies and for those of you who are curious abou trying out the brand for the first time.

New Look Lush Shangrila Store Design 01b

Lush Shangrila Plaza Mall Store

New Look Lush Shangrila Store Design 02
New Look Lush Shangrila Store Design Bath Bombs 03


Lush is gradually revamping the design of their stores this season. And the best part about them is that they used reclaimed wood as their own way of helping the environment. Something I’d also like to do someday in my own home. I just love brands who set such good example for their buyers to follow.

The latest store that got the makeover is their Lush Shangrila Plaza Mall branch. It looks well-organized, chic, and inviting. I was happy to see that they still kept their ala-farmers-market style, which I think is their unique signature design. I heard that they’re also planning to revamp their other branches. I hope the branch near my area is next!

The Lush App Review Lushie 01b


An app made for all Lushies and bath bomb lovers. It makes it easier for us to see how the bath bombs are going to look like in the tub. All you have to do is scan Lush bath bomb, bubble bar, or naked products… and the app will find the product for you, show you details about it, and a video of how it’ll look like when used. Quite nifty!

The Lush Lab app also has a few other cool features and my favorite among them is the “Lush Moods”, which shows you a soothing visual of a bath bomb in water. Its colors move as you drag your fingers across you phone’s screen. It was relaxing and therapeutic for me.

PS. The Lush Lab app is separate from their Philippine online store which I’ll link below.

The Lush App Review Lushie 02
Lush Online Store Lush.com.ph Now Open 01
Lush Online Store Lush.com.ph Now Open 03


Lush’s official online store is now open in the Philippines!

I saved the best news for last! They can deliver orders to both Metro Manila and provincial addresses. Years ago, I had to buy some lush products for my friends who live in the province and asked if I could do them the favor of shipping it out to them. We had a difficult time figuring out how to ship bath bombs as they could be fragile and break during shipment. Having an online store solves that dilemma for those of you guys who live far from a Lush store.

There are also a number of bath bombs that are exclusively available online. I’ll see if I can document my first purchase from lush.com.ph and blog my experience. Just to give you a mini review of how it works. I might get a tub of Lush Sleepy and the purple Goddess bath bomb that reminds me so much of Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman music video!

Let me know if you’re planning to order at lush.com.ph, or what you already ordered. I’d love to hear about your first online purchase experience on Lush.

Lush Shangrila New Store Launch Party Review 02
Lush Online Store Website Review Open 02d
Lush Shangrila New Store Launch Party Review 06

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