3 Reasons To Wear Push Up Bras

I almost swore I’d never wear push up bras back in high school. Part of it was because I was teased for being “chubby and big-chested”. I grew up in a conservative community. I listened to people who gave me advice to hide my chest behind baggy clothes to make me look less “provocative”. There was even a point in time when a teacher scolded me for wearing a push-up bra in school, which I wasn’t. Still, I felt embarrassed. I thought my chest was too big in a negative way and I didn’t want to emphasize it by wearing a push-up bra.

But as I became more comfortable with my body I’ve learned to love and celebrate my body’s curves. I started wearing push-up bras and realized that there are benefits to it. I  focused on wearing clothes that make me feel good and not be too conscious about flaunting my curves whenever I want to. Here’s what I learned since I started wearing push-up bras:

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Sexier silhouette

Push-up bras look flattering on a lot of clothes. And these don’t just include dresses with low necklines. They work as nice on laid back t-shirts as well since, aside from the enhanced cleavage, it also gives you a sexier silhouette. Push-up bras enhance your chest area and at the same time make your waist look tinier. It almost reminds me of baking your make up for contour. Push up bras give your body definition and it enhances your curves.

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Upbra Perfect T-Shirt Bra – Solid Nude


Boosts appearance of having 2 cup sizes larger

The most popular reason why women wear push-up bras is to enhance cleavage. I know a lot of girls, including myself, prefer not to wear push-up bras on a daily basis but it’s nice to have one for special occasions. I once wore this beautiful formal dress with a plunging neck line that looked more glamorous when I wore it with a push-up bra.

One of my favorite push-up bras of all time is from Upbra. They have a unique bra design that allows you to control the amount of cleavage that you want with “cleavage control” straps and different levels of locking slots. They “move your breasts from the inside of the cup”. As a result, your breasts are closer together giving you the appearance of having 2 cup sizes larger for small cup sizes and more lift for larger breasts.

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Upbra cleavage control straps & locking slots

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Upbra Perfect T-Shirt Bra – Solid White

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For comfort and stability

This is probably the main reason why I picked up my first push-up bra — I needed extra support and lift. If you’ve got big boobs, you’d know that those babies can be tiring to carry without a proper bra with good support. That’s speaking as someone who lives with lower back pains. My doctor even explained to me that most girls with spine problems also have big chests. Push-up bras are also a good option for mature women looking for a more youthful look.

I love how a few brands like Upbra acknowledges that push-up bras aren’t only for girls with small cup sizes wanting to add more cleavage but it’s also for girls with big cup sizes looking for extra lift and support. Upbra thankfully provide sizes for cups up to DDD.

Upbra  have different styles of push up bras & a swimwear line that I also have and love. Left their link  for you If you’d like to check it out shop here.

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Upbra Perfect T-Shirt Bra – Solid Black

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