February Photo Diary with ASUS ZenFone Max M2

How I stay fit & healthy while recovering from my injuries.
ZenFone Max M2 review.

It’s been a rough year since a PT at the hospital made a mistake during my treatment that worsened my injuries last November. I couldn’t walk & I was mostly bedridden. It was only recently that I could finally walk again on my own. And while my recovery still has long way to go I’m really happy with my progress. I thought it’d be nice to show you a photo diary of the things I’ve been doing  (besides my rehab at the hospital) to stay fit, help strengthen my body, and overcome depression and the emotional burden that came with this difficult experience. I can’t wait to get back to my old lifestyle guys, it’s been awhile! 

I recently got the new Asus ZenFone Max M2 smartphone which is known to have very long battery life. It’s supposed to have two days worth of battery life, which to me is very appealing since I use my phone a lot. I usually carry two power banks with me, the gold power bank just in case my phone dies on me in the middle of a phone call and the rosegold power bank just in case a hurricane strikes Manila and I have to make a phone call (girl scout tendencies haha!). So I decided to test out the Asus ZenFone Max M2’s battery life & show you show how it performed here.

ASUS ZenFone Max M2
6.3″ HD+ IPS Display (1520 x 720 pixels)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 1.8GHz Octa-Core
Adreno 506 GPU
32GB of Internal Storage
4,000mAh Battery w/ Flash Charging


11AM to 12PM | Battery 92%

The first thing I do when I wake up is apply my green heating pad on my injured body parts to promote healing. After that, I get up and lay my yoga mat on the floor for my morning stretch. I play the meditation guide I discovered & love from YouTube on the Max M2. It has a beach-waves-music background so it feels like I’m doing yoga in Hawaii when I close my eyes! After an hour of stretching, the phone’s battery went from 100% to 92%.


12PM to 2PM | Battery 75%

I usually switch to my Spotify workout playlist at the beginning of my exercises but since I’m testing the Max M2 ‘s battery, I thought it be more challenging to stream  Ariana Grande’s new album on YouTube and turn up the volume instead. I’m quite surprised at how powerful the volume of the phone is and that the quality of the music is also good. I initially thought that since the phone is affordable then they must’ve a cut back on the quality of its sound. The music in the background makes my workout session livelier. My body is recovering from the injury and from muscle atrophy (from being bedridden for months) so my workout at the moment is lighter and longer than usual since I have to take more breaks in between exercises to rest.

Asus Zenfone Max M2 Review 03
Asus Zenfone Max M2 Review 06b

ASUS ZenFone Max M2 Midnight Black Price : PHP 8,995.00

Asus Zenfone Max M2 Review 01


3PM to 4PM | Battery 74%

I start getting ready after a healthy meal & a quick shower. Being injured & in constant pain for a long period of time can get depressing so it’s  nice to spend time cleaning up & doing things I enjoy. While exercising makes me feel good on the inside (it boosts endorphins), dressing up, for me, makes me feel good on the outside. It boosts my self-confidence & keeps my spirits up. I played a few Ari songs on YT & left the phone idle for most of the time.


5:30PM to 7:30PM | Battery 68%

I’m terrified of tripping over uneven floors or getting injured while walking in a crowd. My PT said it’s a normal feeling patients get when injured but it goes away with practice. So I started out by walking my dog in our less-crowded neighborhood. Then challenged myself to walk at the mall to gain back my confidence & exercise my legs. Plus it also doesn’t hurt to go shopping as an extra incentive! I took several photos of the mall using the Max M2 while I’m at it & the quality of the photos isn’t bad at all after I used an app to enhance it (see its rear camera photography below).

Asus Zenfone Max M2 Review 04

Photo taken with Asus Zenfone Max M2


 8PM onward | Battery 67%

One good change I’ve learned to do more since I got injured is to sleep early. I have to make sure I get plenty of rest so that my body can repair and rebuild muscle. As for the Max M2 battery test, at the end of the day my phone had 67% battery in it. It’s quite impressive given that I used YouTube for a few hours. If I did that using my old phone (I recently broke) it’ll be close to low battery around this time of the day. With the Max M2 I still had plenty of battery to spare. If you’re looking for an affordable phone with long battery life that can keep up with your busy lifestyle and if you’re someone who uses your phone a lot for social media this is a good option. Listed down the price, specs, and a link to the list of stores were you can find the phone on this post.

ASUS ZenFone Max M2
Price : PHP 8,995.00
Available in Midnight Black, Space Blue
Where to buy : click here for list of stores

Lush Peachy Bath Bomb Asus Zenfone Max M2 Review 01

Lush haul, photo taken with Asus Zenfone Max M2

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