3 Clothes I was too Insecure to Wear but Ended Up Loving

I was a very insecure teenager. Growing up I had tons of complaints about my body – I’m too short, my arms are too big, my hair is too curly, my chest is flat, and then later on my chest is too big… (ano ba talaga Shayne?). As a result I ended up not wearing certain clothing pieces in fear that it will highlight the “bad parts” of my body. These are three clothes I swore I’d never wear, but ended up wearing (and loving) as I grew older and gained more confidence in myself.

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Looking back now, this is a really funny story. It was my first day in my new all-girls college. I ended up bonding with the girls in class. We were so excited for college that we decided to take an informal class photo in a studio at the mall. So we took the photo, printed it out, and distributed the photos around. Every girl in it looked beautiful… except me! I looked handsome lol! And it’s all thanks to on my dark blue denim jacket. It was the trend then. I left the house feeling like Drew Barrymore in it, but for some reason it made me look like I was a chic-boy surrounded by a dozen school-girls-in-uniform!

I can laugh at this now, but back then i wanted to burn all the copies of the photos. I avoided denim jackets for years. Then I learned from my fellow fashion bloggers that I can wear denim jackets and still look feminine by pairing it with girly, pastel outfits, and makeup. So the happy ending is I found a way to make it work for me.

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I’m 5″3.5′ tall. Some people would say I’m tall, others including myself thought I was too short. I also naturally have wide shoulders and hips. Social media today would tell you that’s sexy (thanks to the Kardashians). But it wasn’t like this before when most girls in magazines were thin-tall-models. My body type was my source of insecurity. Wearing capri pants made me look even shorter & wider. So I stopped wearing them until I found capri pants that we’re just too cute to pass on. While there were days when it felt like they don’t fit me so well, I just didn’t care that much for it ‘cos it made me feel good on the inside. I now own a few, including this cute Milkshake pants.

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I used to have a flat chest, I was a late bloomer. Other girls and boys in school would tease me for being flat-chested. One day, I went home prayed to God about it and did chest enhancing exercises. Surprisingly, my chest grew noticeably bigger over one summer. I was now teased for having a big chest. I felt bad so I started wearing baggy sweaters to hide them. It also gave the illusion that I had a bigger waist. People kept saying I gained weight even though I didn’t, so I buried my sweaters at the back of my closet. They still make me look heavier until now. But I decided that the comfort of wearing a sweater is worth the added weight on camera from time to time. I just make sure to pair it up with skinny leggings or jeans to balance it out.

Moral of the story is, loving yourself and being comfortable with your own body is more important than any fashion rule, trend, or other peoples judgement. This is one lesson I wish I could’ve taught myself then. 

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