I have a love-hate relationship with stripes clothing. When I was finally allowed to shop for my own clothes (back in grade school, I think) I went a little crazy and bough a lot of stripes polo shirts. Horizontal, technicolor, unflattering stripes tops. Aye the horror lol! I was proud of my newly found shopping freedom so I took photos for evidence, which I later on laughed at and swore to never buy stripes clothing ever again.

That obviously didn’t go as planned hehe! But at least now I have a pretty good idea which stripes clothing is flattering on my body. It’s a known fact that stripes, when worn the right way, can make you look thinner. Just like these clothes I recently hauled from Romwe.

The white cozy knit top I have hanging on the photo above, the satin marsala joggers, and the black top & leggings stripes set (fashion blogger’s fave on IG) all with horizontal lines details, can make you look thinner and taller. Same goes with diagonal lined clothing like this huge navy ruffle bodysuit, which I surprisingly ended up liking a lot. I added links below in case you guys are interested in purchasing them!

Above: White Cozy Knit Top / Below: Satin Marsala Joggers



Left: Navy Blue Ruffle Bodysuit / Right: Black Top & Leggings Stripes Set


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