I used to laugh at my tita’s huge bowl full of pastel shell-shaped soaps in her guest bathroom, “Tita why on earth would you buy a mountain of soaps and not use it?”. I should probably call myself a #titasofmanila now, ‘cos I too currently collect scented soaps and use them as decor. Which is also why I’m excited to share with you — my fellow soap-hoarding decor-loving friends — a local shop I found that makes handcrafted, display-worthy bath products.

Caticorn Dreams is an Instagram / Shopee shop that sells soaps, bath bombs, bath drops in fun shapes and colors. The creative mind behind their cute products, Leanne Go wanted to come out with pieces that are unique and highly customized so she wanted her ‘muse’ to be as one of a kind as well. She originally thought of using mermaids and unicorns but decided to deviate from them cos they were already too popular. So she ended up drawing a Caticorn — a mix between a cat and a unicorn, and turned it into an eye catching logo!


caticorn-dreams-review-01 caticorn-dreams-review-03



Their soaps are all scented, each design I got had its own signature scent. I have a special spot for the Mermaid Tail Soaps that has a nice, mild, fresh scent ‘cos of my fave TV series, H2O Just Add Water (we’re BFFs if you watch this too!) which is about three mermaids (two of which grew up to be an original vampire and a hybrid in the show The Originals, yes guys I watch too much TV). I’m probably never going to use these cos they are too pretty as decors!

Their adorable Macaron Soap Set blends in so well with my bedroom theme. I love how its fruity scent is powerful but not overwhelming. These are moisturizing to use as well. The pastel Hello-Kitty-Like Bath Drops are perfect for those who want to experience a bath fizz / bath bomb but don’t have a big tub for it. You can use them as foot soak. It fizzes underwater and i noticed it also lightens the skin a bit after use. Definitely check out their shop (links below) if you or your kids are into cute, pamper-me bath products for display or for use. They also sell these products as party favors.



Caticorn Dreams | Instagram | Shopee

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  • Jellai N. says:

    Ahhh, i knew that series! H20 just add water, my cousins and i used to watched it as well. :) Just checked their IG, super cute lang nung macaron soap set! Everything is too cute! Hihi

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