beauty lab whitening red collagen therapy review



I have new skin goal in life guys – make my skin as white and as glowy as Rory Gilmore’s face (Alexis Bledel, girl crushing on her ala Snow White complexion). Months ago I would’ve said “to be as tan as Jlo” but this changed after my experience at Beauty Lab Whitening.

Beauty Lab Whitening by Suaviss specialises in a skin treatment that increases your body’s production of collagen. Collagen, my friends, is one of the key factors that make our skin glow, firm, healthy… and make us look like a young K-Pop star. It’s a protein in our bodies that decreases as we get older. So you want to hold on to it as tight as you can and find ways that can stimulate the production of it. One way is through Beauty Lab Whitening’s skin treatment called Red Light Collagen Therapy. I tried it in three separate sessions every week (I couldn’t do the whole body treatment ‘cos I have a spine condition) and came out really impressed by the results! Here’s how it’s done.


beauty lab whitening red collagen therapy review beauty-lab-whitening-review-11

Organic products applied on my skin. I was so intrigued by them and really wanted to take them all home because of the good results.

beauty lab whitening red collagen therapy review




BLW will ask you to fill in a questionnaire that’ll help their skin expert design the treatment best for your skin type and concerns. Then you go inside this room, change into comfy robes for STEP 1 : Exfoliating — this is where you lie down on a massage bed while Ate Jovi (request for her services if you prefer good gentle massages. She was in charge of most of my sessions) removes my makeup, cleanses, tones, and gently exfoliates my face using several organic products you can buy from their shop. STEP 2 Pre Conditioning Ointment — is when Ate Jovi applies masks, serums, and whitening products on my face, with a relaxing gentle massage.

STEP 3 Equipment Treatment R-630 — you go inside the giant fridge that acts like a bright sauna. The machine enhances your skin’s production of collagen and it’s ability to get the most out of the products applied to your skin. It also decreases activity of melatonin cells, which improves your skin and makes it brighter. You’ll have to wear protective glasses to protect your eyes from the bright light. The best part of this fridge is that it has a phone shelf and speakers you can play music on and sing your heart out while sitting inside for 10-15mins.  I have to admit I felt claustrophobic and uneasy during my first session, but I became used to it halfway through the second session. STEP 4 Post Conditioning Ointment where Ate Jovi applies some more calming, whitening treatment to your face.


beauty lab whitening red collagen therapy review
beauty lab whitening red collagen therapy review
beauty lab whitening red collagen therapy review




Just to give you a short background of my skin… i’m in between light to fair complexion, not sensitive, small pores, minimal acne scars, healthy, combination skin type. I’m already quite happy with it, that’s why I was so impressed at the improvement it got from the treatment.

After the first session, my skin was a bit more even in skintone, smaller pores, whiter, softer, and more luminous. The staff at my gym even noticed the improvement (I wasn’t wearing any makeup). After the second session, those exact improvements were kicked up a notch plus my skin felt and looked firmer (this is why I wan’t to get their firming serum so bad). Right after the third session, I walked out of their store feeling like Galadriel from LOTR or Moses after his face glowed at Mt. Sinai lol! My skin felt and looked really good afterwards. I wonder how I would look like after the 10th session.

The treatment lasted for about 1  to 1.5 hours. While it wasn’t cheap, I can attest to you that it’s very effective and the results are beautiful. They have packages that allow you to do it regularly in a more affordable way. But if you just want to try it out first or if you need an instant whitening glowing skin relaxing sesh just go here guys and do one to two sessions. You won’t regret it. If i knew about this treatment before, I would have loved to get a couple of sessions before special events like prom, or debut, or probably even before my wedding in the future.

Below: Makeup look I did after facial sessions at Beauty Lab Whitening. Applying makeup was easier cos of the smoother skin texture, glowy skin base, and even skin tone.




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  • Michele de Guia Ereño says:

    That seems to be a very good way to achieve a nice flawless and glowing skin, plus the collagen benefit it gives. I saw that too in other vloggers. I need to try my luck sa Lotto bes, para matry ko din yan..hehe! Maharlika eh!
    For sure mas lalo kp gumanda nyan!

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