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I didn’t like my curves

Positive body image didn’t come easy for me. I’m critical of myself and it didn’t help that I grew up getting teased for having big boobs. It wasn’t always like that though. I was a flat chested sophomore in high school (btw I was teased for that too!). So I prayed for bigger boobs lol! After that my chest just grew bigger over one summer break (as in it grew really fast, I got scared). My close friends and I laughed over it, thinking and wishing that it will settle with the size cup-B , but instead I got bigger boobs than I wanted, which became a source of insecurity.

I know having a fuller chest has its perks, but it also came with its set of disadvantages. For example, I couldn’t wear the same simple spaghetti strap tops my petite friends wore cos it’ll look provocative on me. One time I did at the mall, I received inappropriate stares and remarks. Some kids even misunderstood and assumed that I intended for that kind of attention, but I just really wanted to wear what’s uso (in trend) and go along with my friends.

This is just one of the things that made me insecure about my body. So I tried to hide my chest by wearing smaller bras, minimizers, loose shirts, and even got used to slouching my back just so my chest wouldn’t stand out (that’s really bad btw I ended up having bad posture and a spine problem — always keep a good proper posture).


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It was only a few years ago when I got into health and fitness that I felt the big change in accepting my fuller chest. And to be quite honest, a lot of the help came from watching other curvy girls own their curves, talk about their own body image journey on vlogs and blogs. Not to mention beauty and fashion brands that campaign positive body image, like Avon.

Avon recently had a fashion show that celebrates women’s real beauty and sexiness with its new campaign, “Confidence is the New Sexy”. They want to uphold women’s right to feel confident regardless of body type by wearing perfectly fitting and comfortable intimate wear and asked women of different body shapes and sizes to model their lingerie line.

They also asked some of them to speak, one curvy girl talked about her struggles of having big boobs. All i could think of when she was speaking was “Yas girl preach! That happened to me too!”. I love that at the end of it all she decided to shut the negative stereotypes up and mainly focus on loving and being proud of her own curves and body. Congratulations Avon for having such a successful and meaningful campaign!

If you are struggling with your body image, I encourage you to find girls that struggle with the same thing. Listening to stories you can relate to helps. Plus you can also learn from them and help yourself love and accept your unique body more each day.



Congratulations to Daniel Matsunaga, Avon Fashions first male celebrity endorser for Men’s Club!



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