I didn’t have my own bedroom ‘til I was in high school. When I finally got one, it didn’t really feel like it was my room because my parents decorated it for me. It was only when I was allowed to repaint my walls, pick my own pink beddings, and hang my first poster of Legolas’ gorgeous fez on my ceiling (cray cray moments) that I started to feel like it really was my space.

It’s the place where I spend the most time now. So I make sure that it’s best for me. That it looks chic and inspiring, especially now that I blog a lot in it. And that it smells comfortable, which turned out to be a challenge when I got my little furbabies, ‘cos let’s admit it, living with a dog has its stinky moments. So I dabbled into tons of Bath and Body Works candles, organic deodorizer… and now the Zen Zest Air Purifier and Home Fragrance Scents. 


vanilla cupcake bakery bgc zen zest home fragrance air purifier review



I was super excited to attend the Zen Zest launch party at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery for one reason… I wanted to see the Electric Air Purifier (price P1500)! My boyfriend’s mom has three of these in their beautiful home and it smells like a five-star hotel every time I walk in. Zen Zest has a couple of air purifier designs and this small plain white one is my favorite ‘cos it looks clean and is easy to use. Just add a small amount of water along with a few drops of their water-based fragrance serum in it, turn it on, and it’ll let out nice scented air. I use the built-in timer so it automatically turns off after a while.

The Fragrance Blend scents that I have are Citronella (price P500), a citrusy fruity scent, and Rose Petals Orange and Musk (price P500), which I thought was going to smell like “lola’s rose perfume” but instead surprised me with a nice gentle floral scent. I also personally purchased and love their Forest Bamboo (price P500), scent because I wanted to get that five-star hotel vibe in my bedroom.


zen zest home fragrance air purifier review zen zest home fragrance air purifier review zen zest home fragrance air purifier review



While I love the air purifier, I surprisingly used the sprays more just ‘cos the scents are easier to switch with the sprays. I use the Kitchen Fragrance Choco Cappuccino (price: P300) at night usually before I lay in bed and watch my TV shows, it smells like a cappuccino chocolate drink made by one of Santa’s elves. It’s so cozy it reminds me of Christmas! The refreshing Forest Bamboo aka the five-star hotel scent in bottle is what I usually spray in the morning before I do my stretching routine on my yoga mat. And Cabinet Deodorizer Iris Peony and Freesia Blossom (price: P300) which is a nice floral breezy scent for my bathroom. It’s been nice having these around in my bedroom. My only request is for Zen Zest to please have more products in the scent Choco Cappuccino. It’s one of the best home fragrance I’ve ever used!

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  • Michele de Guia Ereño says:

    Thanks for sharing your
    favorites on the new Zen Zest line. My cousin recently gave me a purifier, she says that it will help me with my asthma. But haven’t bought a scent for it yet. I think the Forest Bamboo will do me good, I don’t want a scent that is to strong coz of my rhinitis. And I’m also excited for the Choco Capuccino scent I think the smell of it will bring back memories when I used to work at Starbucks.

  • Diana says:

    Everything looks so calm and nice!! I can see how that would help with creating an ambience to your room!!

    Take care*

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