Hate them or love them, one thing that we can’t deny about the Kardashians is that their selfies and Snapchats are lit. Whether its beside the pool, inside a club, or in their luxury cars on their way home at night, it’s as if there’s a giant Hollywood glam light mirror following them around to make sure that they are picture perfect, which okay they probably do. But in some cases, the lighting credit goes to their LuMee iPhone Cases. Some of you may have already seen it on their social medias or in their TV show (I confess guys, KUWTK is my guilty pleasure. I’m far too invested in Kendall and Kylie’s stories to quit the show).

Beyond the Box — one of our country’s popular sellers of premium gadgets and accessories has brought in LuMee Two (priced at P2,690). It ain’t cheap but let me tell you now that it is a game charger for all you selfie-Snapchat-FaceTime addicts or to anyone who wants to bless their friends with well lit group shots.


lumee iphone case selfie light review photo price where to buy beyond the box philippines lumee iphone case selfie light review photo price where to buy beyond the box philippines



Its basically a portable ring light — those pro lights used in fashion photoshoots, I have one in my room for my blog — attached to a case for the iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, or the iPhone 7 Plus. The lights that surround the front of the case cast a warm subtle yellow light on your face. You can adjust the lights intensity by holding down the button at the back, which also switches the light on and off. It includes a cable that allows you to charge the case’s battery.

Last time I checked it comes in gold, rose gold, black, and white colors. I picked gold to match the color of my life lol (my iPhone, MacBook, bedroom, even my dogs hair is gold). I originally thought this was going to be heavy since it’s a thick case but like what I said on my IG stories when i unboxed this, it’s surprisingly light. Yes, it adds a little weight to your phone but not enough to bother anyone. The thickness however could be a concern for some people, especially for those like me with small hands. But since I find the case very useful as a blogger its worth bringing it around with me.


lumee iphone case selfie light review photo price where to buy beyond the box philippineslumee iphone case selfie light review photo price where to buy beyond the box philippines



I had my doubts in the beginning, but it really does make a difference in the photos. Just make sure you learn how to adjust the light intensity accordingly. This works best in places with low or zero light, for example if I want to take a selfie in our pitch black kitchen at midnight (never gonna happen I’m scared of our kitchen).

I personally use it more indoors, even when there’s daylight because it makes a subtle — but still very important — difference in casting out unwanted shadows on my face (aka my puffy dark under eye bag circles). I usually achieve this with my ring light. Plus, front cameras tend to produce lower quality grainy photos when there’s not enough light. It can also balance the tone when the lighting in the room is too cool or blue.

The key to a good photo is good lighting. LuMee case is useful for those who want a portable ring light with them when they take selfies, Snapchats, or video chats. Also available is the mew LuMee Duo (price P3190) which features lights on both its front and back side. It’s the next level ultimate selfie light which I’ve already written down on my wish list.

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  • Tine Despares says:

    Aww I always see Kim featuring the case sis! Love that you are enjoying it and that it works well. natawa ako sa kitchen
    na curious tuloy ako bakit ka scared sa kitchen nyo sis hehehe
    Love your selfies btw sis and yes, KUWTK girls have lit photos!

    love lots,

  • Diana says:

    I think I might get one of these for myself when I get to change my phone!
    I’m not a huge fan of KimK but I can see how this is good!! Good lighting is halfway of getting a good photo!

    Take care*

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