It’s that time again when we write our list of New Year’s resolutions. And i bet my holiday-buffet-bloated-belly that it involves at least one #FitnessGoal. My list looks something like this — (#1) don’t buy the Conti’s Tiramisu cake  (#2) replace Jollibee Chicken Joy with home cooked baked chicken (#3) work out more…. (#100) basically to have a proper balance of exercise and healthy diet.

Making the list is easy. Keeping up with it though is the real challenge. Sometimes I just really need to have Tiramisu — which I did btw! I ate a whole cake by myself cos I missed Bentley too much… and i was PMS-ing (most common girl excuse ever used – amiright!?)!  Resolutions are easier said than done and here are the things i do to stay motivated to be fit and healthy all year long. Quick disclaimer I’m not an expert — just another girl who wants to be healthy.



Why do you want to lose weight?

It’s nice to have tons of reasons for this. You know, in case my “I want to live a long and healthy life” does not work today, I have the “I want to fit into a Kylie Jenner dress nicely and sexily” as backup. Or in my friend’s case, “I want my ex to feel regret” (#RevengeBody). My three major reasons are — (#1) I need to, I have a spine condition and a hormonal problem that I cope with by eating healthy, staying within my ideal body weight, and keeping my body and mind strong. (#2) I love clothes! I want to have the body that makes me enjoy wearing bodycon dresses, bikinis, and crop tops the most. (#3) I want to have more years with the people i love, and i want to set a good example for them.



Play songs that visually reminds you of your goal

Music passes time in cardio and it helps me focus on my work out. The gym can feel especially intimidating when I’m the only woman lifting lighter weights in the room. So I play Bruno Mars’ 24k Magic while doing awkward floor exercises to help zone me out of the anxiety. I also have a playlist filled with Victorias’s Secret Fashion Show runway songs cos it reminds me of the fit models. I like how throughout the years VS changed into a brand that promotes fitness and working out to get the body that you desire vs. starving yourself to lose weight.



Keep a list on your phone so you don’t forget

You can’t just avoid the unhealthy foods that you’re used to, you have to replace it with better options. You need to research and find more foods and recipes that you like. For example, my diet change has always been a slow process — I went from always eating 1 pc chicken joy with white rice (and hating vegetables) — into replacing it with brown rice and chicken breast — then red rice (i stopped at red cos i hated black rice) and salmon — and now i rarely eat rice, replaced it with vegetables and salmon. I had to convince myself to give healthy-foods-i-dislike a try several times and allow my palette to adjust to the taste before I decide if i like the food and if I want to include it in my diet.


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Wear fitted clothes while working out

My gym “uniform” is basically yoga shorts (Victoria’s Secret makes the best figure flattering shorts ever!), a super supportive sports bra (also from VS) cos I have a big chest, nike sneakers, nike gym gloves, and a fitted white shirt (from Hanes). People at my gym probably think i wear the same damn shirt everyday, but I swear I have these in bulk lol! The first *reward* I ever bought myself was my pink iPod Mini that i use every time i work out. After that I bought more cute Victoria’s Secret gym clothes, lingerie, bikinis, and lately I’m into cute dresses that I only dreamed of wearing back when i was bigger in size. Also guys, wear fitted clothes when you work out. It could be uncomfortable at first but as soon as you get used to it, you’ll appreciate how it can show you and motivate you on your progress. It also acts like a nudge when i eat too much cake cos my belly would show up easily (I bloat easily from sugar and starch). In a way it tricks the mind that you want to adjust your body to fit in nicely into your fitted clothing.



Who and what inspire you?

Surround yourself with people and things that will motivate you to reach your goal. I have Candice Swanepoel’s bum and abs photos posted in my closet, so i can see it every morning (i sound like a pervy man lol!). I have motivational quotes in my bedroom. My dumbbell and yoga mats are displayed where my eyes could easily see them to remind me to use them. Invite a friend to be your gym buddy. Hire a trainer to guide you. Or if you don’t have easy access to these kind of people (like i sort of did when i first started – i had a trainer tho!), watch people online or read a fitness book. I follow girls on social media who achieved the body or lifestyle that i want to have cos it gives me an image of what i can be if I keep moving forward. Three social media queens that inspires me the most are CoCo LiLi, Carli Bybel, and Jen Selter. And guys can I just share my *kilig* moment when Jen Selter liked my fitness photo and followed me on twitter! She also dropped a compliment on my insta photo! Made me feel sexy by association lol! Kidding aside, it’s encouraging to be acknowledged by someone who inspires me.



Food journal, progress photos, and Excel line graph!

I used to take progress photos of myself every week. I’m camera shy so this was hard and so awkward even if i was the only one who will see the photo. In the long run, it helped me accept and love my body. And at the same time also helped me appreciate my progress. I keep a food journal using the My Fitness Pal app — this is one of the best things I did. I lost tons of weight, and gained more knowledge on food and nutrition cos of it. I also have an Excel file of my body measurements throughout the year – with matching line graph pa! (#KINAREER ko talaga guys!)

I hope you find this helpful! One last thing tho in case you’re like me who can be very critical with my body. Don’t be too hard on yourself and be patient. Trust the process even when sometimes it feels like the progress is running slow. As long as you eat healthy and exercise, your body will keep on improving. Don’t rush it. Rushing usually cause more problem than help.

What helps you stay fit and motivated?



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  • Francesca says:

    Love this post girl! You look amazing so that’s inspiring enough! But I love these tips. Since moving out, I’ve had to start making my own food and really my own schedule in general so it’s been a hard adjustment health-wise, but I’m finally getting in the swing of things. I really like to eat snacks, so making my own snacks is a huge improvement. I make kale chips and roasted edamame and they’s so good and good for you! So I guess learning how to cook and enjoy cooking is a huge part of it. Thanks for sharing all your fitness tips with us! :)


  • Ashley B. says:

    Hi!! Is this open to US residents as well?

    Thanks!! :)

  • Deborah says:

    These are great ideas! I used to keep a picture of Jessica Alba on my refrigerator as a reminder to eat healthy haha!
    Obviously you don’t need my tip though because you look amazing!

  • Katie Seyls says:

    I love your gym outfit :) And yes, everything you mentioned here really works! And #5 reminds me of my days in a Gym somewhere in ortigas. Their Lobby looks and feel cozy, and they have unlimited Soda for free. They also have a mini Coffee shop that offer tons of sweet treats. It was so inviting, to the point that I just drop by to eat and relax instead of working out. (I often use their Sauna and Steam bath though :) )

  • Samantha Aguilar says:

    Grabe madam! I love your body! 1 week na rin ako nageexercise…kaso di ko pa rin maiwasan kumain ng marami..hehe…but I’ll do my very best po! :D

  • Jenny Andres says:

    Woo.. how to be you? Amazing figure.

  • Ciena Valencia says:

    Your figure is to die for! *u* I’m so jealous


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