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Before I start off with my back-from-the-holiday-hiatus post let me first greet you a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy and blessed New Year! :)

We don’t usually spend Christmas and New Year in a hotel. I wish we did though! Just like Eloise or Suite Life of Zack and Cody (remember these shows?  London Tipton’s PRNDL scene is the best!). Noche Buena and Media Noche is usually held at home, so our stay at Bellevue Hotel Manila was a nice treat — I badly needed one. My pet Bentley had just passed away. The house was too sad without him and I can’t bear to listen to anymore of Buble’s solemn Christmas songs.

The change of venue, Bellevue’s huge Christmas trees, decors, and their selfie-loving Santa roaming around the hotel helped put me in a holly-jolly-Christmas mood. Here are the top 3 holiday staycation highlights…


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Their AC is on steroids guys, which most of you will probably enjoy. As for me, I had to turn it off in the morning so i could properly move my frozen legs. We stayed at Bellevue’s “Deluxe Room” which had a nice plush queen size bed that got me thinking if I should finally get a white sheet set for my bedroom (how on earth do hotels keep their sheets SO WHITE).

The bathroom was nice, spacious, and had a tub in it. I had major relaxation plans with that tub actually. Days before the stay I went to my favorite Lush store in Alabang and got myself some pamper products, which was all spent nicely in the tub. The room also had the usual amenities you’d look for in hotel such as a mini kitchen, vanity area, tv, etc… but most especially fast and steady internet! I believe the room was also sound proof cos no one complained about our loud guitar playing sessions in the room.



I’m very watchful of my weight for both medical and vanity reasons, so where we eat is a big deal. I insisted to do the healthy thing and have the holiday dinners at Bellevue’s Phoenix Court Restaurant. They make really good Peking Duck and Yogurt Shake. Most importantly, they do not give you unlimited access to heavenly lechon, my favorite Gruyere cheese, and soft truffle cakes — which btw you can all find at Cafe D’Asie. The family voted for Cafe D’Asie, I on the other hand gained weight in just a few days. It was worth it :) Cafe D’ Asie is sort of our go-to hotel restaurant in the south whenever a birthday celebrant wants a fancy buffet.

If you’re planning to book a buffet dinner during the holidays, just take note that the prices go up, menus change (fewer but fancier dishes, although I personally prefer the regular and usual food selections), and hotel guests gets a discount. They also have a New Year’s countdown party at their 360 degree roof top Vue Bar, and they also give out free champagne for their guests just before the New Year Eve.


bellevue hotel manila review photos staycation philippines bellevue hotel manila review photos staycation philippines bellevue hotel manila review photos staycation philippines cafe d asie



We didn’t get the chance to enjoy the pool (it was crowded and I wasn’t in the mood to parade my buffet bloated but happy belly) this time, nor the gym cos we were too busy relaxing, eating, or playing with our presents. But one thing i couldn’t pass on was to roam around and photograph the beautiful decors. I got my dream camera for Christmas so that also contributed to the urge. Needless to say whoever designed the festive and fancy interiors for the holidays did a great job. Thanks Bellevue Manila for the nice Holiday Staycation!



Holidays is a busy day in a hotel. They were fully booked and our check in didn’t go so smoothly. We had to fall in line at the lobby for an hour and a half to get settled in, and we arrived there ahead of time. Note for future plans — arrive hours in advance if you’re booked during peak seasons. The line was long and the hotel compensated by giving out drinks, bagels, and cakes. Also place any special request for your room or transportation in advance via phone.


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  • Deborah says:

    Looks like you had a fun and relaxing holiday and Christmas! Best wishes in 2017! Looking forward to reading more amazing posts from you in the new season! :]

  • Jhake o. says:

    I haven’t experienced spending the holidays in a hotel but i hope i could , maybe this December.

  • Diana says:

    Christmas here is usually more of a family event so spending it like you did would be an adventure! But I think you really deserved it!

    2016 was a rough year for the both of us. It had amazing things, but it also had really hard ones.

    I wish that your 2017 may be full of good vibes and experiences! You are a kind and compassionate soul and you deserve all the good in the world! <3 Take care Shayne!

  • Lupe says:

    I love a hotel with a nice big tub lol. It looks like you had fun! I also get tired of Michael Buble after a while. haha.

  • Francesca says:

    That looks like so much fun! Suite Life and Eloise were my JAM as a kid, I wanted to be them so badly. Doing something like this would be like fulfilling childhood dreams, haha. I’m so sorry about your dog too :( that’s really devastating. It was probably nice to get out of the house and have a little vacation then.


  • That Christmas tree though! How beautiful! I’ve been wanting to go to a hotel room just for one night to get a lot of Lush bath bombs and spend a pampering night all by myself. X

    | |

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