Behold my makeup look for New Years eve! Kidding! Wish I was as bold as the cosplayers I recently met at an event two weeks ago. They have no trace of shyness in their body. They dress up as their fave hero for fun, with matching capes, weapons, and a power pose. It makes me want to go after my cosplay dream and recreate Gal’s Wonder Woman costume *my girl crush*.

So what made me channel my inner Van Gogh? I wanted to paint the stars on a canvas for a Doctor Who Anthology, but I didn’t have the paint… and the canvas (not prepared at all lol). So I thought i’d use my notoriously pigmented Sleek Makeup and paint the galaxy on my face instead. I found ItsJustJune’s galaxy makeup video inspired by Qinni’s artwork — to anyone who wants to recreate this just click on her link for the tutorial, meantime these are the makeup products you can use for it.


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(left to right) Solstice Palette: Ecliptic,

Hemisphere, Subsolar, Equinox | Price P875

I used Sleek’s shiny shimmering Solstice highlighter palette, which Sleek sent over for the holidays. I have it displayed on my vanity table cos guys, just look at how pretty that golden packaging is. This is by far Sleeks most luxurious makeup case ever — please make more of this! All the shades in this palette are beautifully pigmented and has a nice subtle shimmer that brightens up the face.

The shades are; (1) Ecliptic, which is a cool toned champagne pink that has smooth creamy texture, (2) Hemisphere is a lilac shade that worked so well with my galaxy theme colors, I used it mostly to highlight my eyes and nose (3) Subsolar is a white gold shade that also looks great as an eyeshadow, (4) Equinox is golden beige, it’s my personal fave, also the most wearable and the prettiest in highlighting my cupids bow, and chin. Shades 2, 3, and 4 are in powder form and have shimmer in them. They also have a little bit of fall out — nothing really problematic but you’ll want to use a good primer and a setting product to make the most out of their longevity.

PS. I wore Sleek’s bestselling Matte Me lip cream in Birthday Suit, which I reviewed here.


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Blue: Peek-aboo | White: Cloud 9 | Pink: Pinkini

The main galaxy colors were done with Sleek Pout Paints (Thank you Di!) which is actually made for the lips. They’re like water color paint tubes that you can mix together to get the lipstick shade that you desire — or in my case the face paint. I have to warn you, these are a bit sticky, both on the face and on the lips, but you got to love the pigmentation of these products. It lasts all day. It blends well with each other. It’s also surprisingly not too hard to remove after (I used Garnier’s Micellar Water). I was scared to death that it will leave a stain and I’d have to go to the gym as Neytiri from Avatar.

I hope you guys like my version of the Galaxy “Freckles” makeup look. It’s one of my first ever costume makeup attempts. I didn’t know I could somehow pull it off :)

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Disclaimer: Some of these products were given to me to test out and review. All my opinion and experiences stated here are 100% honest and true. 


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