Out of my love for Bentley — he’s my little Yorkshire Terrier who likes to curl up under the pillows and hates bananas — I decided to get more into cruelty free products, which from my experience are mostly organic and frustratingly expensive. Emphasis on “mostly”, cos I’ve discovered a good natural beauty line that’s very affordable. I’m a huge Lush fan but their stuff can be pricey, so I’m #soexcite to find cheaper alternatives. 

Faith Hope Love Soap is a local shop that sells natural, no harsh chemicals, and cruelty-free skincare products in super cute packagings (whoever designs their stuff deserves a treat!), which by the way can be customized if you like to order in bulk for party favors. Here’s a run down on the FHL products I’ve been using — one of these actually launch its way up to my beauty faves and became a solid part of my pre-makeup routine. 


faith hope love soap cucumber mist review photo swatches


50ml | Price P160

Lets start with the product i was impressed the most — their bestselling Cucumber Hydrating Mist, which can be used (1) right before you apply your makeup, (2) or after just like a setting spray with a dewy finish, and (3) as a regular toner to reduce fine lines. It didn’t work very effectively on me as a toner cos it made my skin oily afterwards, but i LOVE to spray it before I put on any makeup. It reminds me of my holy grail mist Avene Thermal Spray (but much cheaper!) cos its very refreshing. 

Lately, my face tend to dry up and cake with liquid foundations. I use lots of moisturizer but even then you can still uneven foundation “cracks” if look up close (not to mention when you take a selfie with a hi-res camera!). This mist smoothens out this problem for me. I spray it, leave it for about five minutes, and start applying my primer. It moisturizes my face so well that it is a lot easier to blend the foundation on, plus it adds a little glow to my face as you can see on the photo above (BTW with makeup on, it doesn’t get oily through out the day).


faith hope love soap cucumber mist review photo swatches oatmeal avocado soap, coffee soap, tomato kokum soap



Coffee Soap (Price: P140) is made for the Starbucks coffee lovers. It smells exactly like coffee! This is one of my favorite semi-gentle exfoliating and moisturizing soaps to date. I say semi gentle cos each person have different opinions as to what gentle is. It has tiny little coffee grains that removes dead skin and it also has natural antioxidant for a healthy glow. I personally love body scrub soaps, it reminds me of my fave Lush porridge soap and those cute scrub soaps from hotel bathrooms I take home with me haha! But like I said, some may find it too sharp. If you think St. Ives Apricot Body Scrub is too harsh then you might like the next soap more.

Oatmeal Avocado Soap (Price: P88) aka. the girl-next-door soap. It’s simple yet very likeable and would cater to a lot of skin types — it smells fresh, and it is also moisturizing to the skin. The avocado oil in it boost the skin’s ability to generate more strong cells hence make the skin healthier. 

Tomato Kokum Soap (Price: P150), from what I’ve gathered is for those with acne sensitive skin. I’ve read testimonies from FHL fans that it helped them control the oil on their skin, and that it diminishes and dries up their pimples fast. I’m personally not prone to pimples so I cannot confirm it, but i can tell you that this bright orange soap leaves the same squeaky clean feeling I get from other oil and blemish control products like Neutrogena, Ponds, and Celeteque. It also did made my skin feel a little bit oil free afterwards. 


faith hope love soap cucumber mist review photo swatches hand sanitizer faith hope love soap cucumber mist review photo swatches mothers love soothing healing balm



Lil Hands, Hand Sanitizer (Price: P100 / 50ml) is an anti bacterial plant base hand santizer induced with pure essential oils for moisturizing purposes. You guys, this smells like bubble gum with a hint of nectarine as an after scent.Lots of people have commented on its strong bubblegum scent when I use it. 

Mother’s Love Soothing & Healing Balm (Price: P250 / 80g) — if you like the eucalyptus candle, mist, or lotion from Bath and Body Works, or any minty aromatherapy scent then your going to like this balm. I personally find the scent too strong but thats just me, my nose is mega sensitive. I’ve known people who find similar scents like this very relaxing. This balm is made to sooth insect bites, to relieve muscle tensions, colds, and cough — kind of like an organic version for vapor rub but it doesn’t heat up on the skin. 


faith hope love soap cucumber mist review photo swatches


2 FHL soaps of your choice
1 Hand Sanitizer
1 Bestselling Cucumber Soaps

Guys come join our Giveaway! Two lucky winners will get to take home brand new Faith Hope Love Soaps gift sets (details above). Just fill in the Rafflecopter below. This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only (Sorry guys will have to postpone the International giveaway for awhile just to balance out those scheduled this month). It’ll run until August 28, 2016, I’ll announce and contact the winner a few days after that. Thank you in advance for joining! (PS: I’m having 2 more giveaways for August!) :)


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Disclaimer: These products were given to me to test out and review. All my opinion and experiences stated here are 100% honest and true. 


  • Diana says:

    This brand has the cutest packaging!!
    Mists are a must-have in my opinion! I’m currently using one from Caudalie ( I really should speak about it soon on my blog) and it’s a holy-grail product! The soaps look really nice and a good alternative to the harsh cleansers with SLS. It’s really nice to know about brands like this one :3
    Take care*

  • Jennifer Timonel says:

    Joined. You are so generous ma’am. Hope to win this time and thanks for this great oppoetunity.

  • I am about to buy the Avene Mist but I guess I’ll just get the Cucumber Mist since it’s much cheaper. Thanks Shyane

  • Charmaine Gapasin says:

    Omg, I remember those soaps from your snapchat, haha! Shayne, why are you so gorgeous? *Insert heart eyes emojis her, haha*

    I don’t know if I can completely convert because I like certain products from certain brands but I’ve been doing good with using mostly cruelty-free products:D

    That mist sounds amazing! I’m obsessed with face mists and have been looking for one that does those things. I finally found one recently but this sounds like a cheaper, nicer alternative! I would absolutely get it. Thanks for sharing, love!

    ♥ Charms | à la Charms

  • Tine Despares says:

    OMG hahaha I think peg natin ang packaging nila sis hehehe Obsess with it! Wanna try their cucumber mist kasi I’m actually looking for a setting spray right now sis…intriga ako sa organic soaps nila esp. yung coffee…I think pwede ko rin cya ipagmayabang sa friends ko hahaha hmmmm pero di ba ako mangangamoy kape pag ginamit ko yung soap sis? hahaha o avocado? lol I’m cray cray hahaha baka pagpunta ko nang work may magsabi sa kin girl, niligo mo kape mo? hahaha lelx

    love lots, Tin

    and of course I’m joining it’s too cool!!! invite ko din bff ko coz I’m sure she’ll go crazy about FHL’s packaging haha

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