DIY ariana grande scream queens rhinestone choker necklace


I’m not one to religiously follow fashion trends but I am extra excited that chokers  are making a come back this year. I read that it was a “thing” back in the 90s, which honestly I wasn’t aware of. But I remember keeping a choker that came with the aristocrat costume our teacher forced us to wear for a school event. I wore that choker till its clasp tore off from its satin ribbon just ‘cos it made me feel more mature haha!

Nowadays, every “it girl” celeb is wearing one — Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid. I tried looking for similar chokers at the mall but couldn’t find one that fit me well so I went ahead and DIY’d them. They’re inexpensive and super easy to make!


DIY ariana grande scream queens rhinestone choker necklace DIY ariana grande scream queens rhinestone choker necklace




First off is the Ariana Grande Scream Queen rhinestone choker. She played Chanel #2 who, BTW, died very epicly on the show. I wanted her rhinestone choker very badly so I made one out of a rhinestone headband I found in Rustans (around P250 / $5). If you gave into the Gossip Girl headband craze back then, you probably have a rhinestone headband sitting at home that you can instantly turn into a choker necklace. All you have to do is cut off the elastic and replace it with a thin suede ribbon (I got mine from Carolinas). This will let you hold and adjust the tightness of your choker around your neck.


DIY kendall jenner kim kardashian velvet choker DIY kendall jenner kim kardashian velvet choker DIY kendall jenner kim kardashian velvet choker




Another trendy choker that’s easy to make is the plain velvet choker, which is seen worn mostly by the Kardashian-Jenner clan.  I made it in two sizes — an inch width bow, and half inch width bow. All you have to do is measure how long you want the ribbon to be, based on your neck’s circumference, and cut it. Then you can seal off the edges of the ribbon by running it quickly through a flame (be extra careful not to burn anything). This should prevent the ribbon from fraying.

The only tricky part here is when you mark the spot where you want your silver buttons to be sewn. Make sure that it’s not too loose but also make enough space for your neck to move comfortably. I used Washi tape but its easier to mark it with sewing crayon.  One side of the silver button should be sewn on the ribbon’s velvet side and the other pair sewn on the back side of the velvet ribbon. Sew the buttons on your ribbon in place and that’s it. You can also customize it more by adding a mini pendant to it.

What do you think? Would you wear a choker?


DIY ariana granderhinestone choker DIY kendall jenner velvet choker


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