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I come bearing swatches and recommendations from yet another local (btw they also ship worldwide) and cruelty-free brand called Sooper Beaute. Can I just express how happy I am to see more cruelty-free beauty companies emerging — I’ve already switched most of my skincare products to Lush (they run campaigns against animal testing) and I also want my makeup collection to be as cruelty-free as possible.

Anyway, it took a mountain of cotton pads, lots of makeup remover, and some exhausted lips (I kept swatching all the lippie shades in one go out of excitement!) to try all of these Sooper Beaute products from their beauty box. These are rather hit and miss for me, so I handpicked eight products I enjoyed the most that I think you should try when you bump into their stalls at Glorietta, ATC, or at some selected SM stores.


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P380 ($8)

Lets start with the blush I wore lightly on the photo above (side track — look at how sad Bentley seems like in that photo haha! He had better shots but this was the best photo that showcased the blush)  — Cheeky Balm Jala is at the top of my list cos of its beautiful “winter cool toned rosy cheeks” shade that the cute North Pole elves have in movies. The texture of this semi-pigmented (but very buildable) blush is slightly creamy and slightly firm, which makes it tricky to apply. It’s best to build up the color by patting it on your cheeks using a blush brush. Its warmer spring-summer counterpart is Cheeky Balm Bella, which is a peachy pink blush. Both blushes lasts for about six hours on me before they start to fade.


P380 ($8)

I don’t use a lot of lip gloss (big lips don’t always look good with gloss), so it was such a pleasant surprise that I enjoyed these Lip Cheek Laquer (more of a lip gloss). You guys these smell like cotton candy! I personally don’t think they work well as a blush because of their sheen, but these are good quality glosses. Juno is a Kylie Jenner mauve brown I really like, while Orion is a coral pink girl-next-door shade. It’s slightly sheer, but still more pigmented than most gloss I’ve tried (and didn’t like). It lasts for about four hours on me before it starts fading and requires touch ups after every meal.


 sooper beaute makeup review swatches photo lipsticks beauty box  sooper beaute makeup review swatches photo lipsticks beauty box


P430 ($9)

So Matte lipstick Draco is the most popular shade in this line — I see this on a lot of Instagram selfies. It’s such a beautiful MLBB (my lips but better) shade that will look good on most skin tones. So Matte lipstick Tucana is a nice mauve pink, although after awhile it turns more pink and less mauve on my lips as it fades after four hours. I wish these were more creamy in texture cos it tugs on the lips, but then again it’s matte, and most matte lipsticks have a similar dry formula. 


P380 ($8)

Their multi-purpose lip cheek therapy has the best texture of them all — soft pillow like moisturizing creamy mousse. They glide so smoothly and lasts for about four to five hours before they start to fade on the lips (darker shades lasts longer). You’re going to need to retouch after every meal. These are more of a semi-matte formula and aren’t very pigmented at first swatch but most shades go opaque as you build up the product. Lip Cheek Therapy Galaxy would have to be the most beautiful shade and have best quality in this range. Aquarius on the other hand is the most versatile since its a nice pretty pink shade on the lips and on the cheeks.

These are affordable to begin with but, (shopping tip) wait for Sooper Beaute’s discount promos and sales, which they have very often. For example, if you buy five items from them they give you a 10% discount plus this cute beauty box. Let me know which Sooper Beaute product have you tried and which ones are your fave! 

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Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to test out for review consideration. All my opinion and experiences stated here are 100% honest and true.



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