Mascara Tips & Tricks

I’ve always wanted to share a few mascara tips here. A huge part of it might have been cause I wanted a photo with this pearl eyelash curler I got as gift. Isn’t it pretty? My bf’s mom visited Sephora in Singapore and nicely bought it for me. She said the golden curler reminded her of my blog, which I’m glad it did :)

Anyway back when I had just started exploring makeup, and even shortly after that, I used mascaras the wrong way. Don’t worry it wasn’t anything disastrous, it was more like I’m not making the most out of the product. Good thing now I’ve adapted a few simple tricks that I found quite… revolutionary…. yess inserting Independence Day related words (btw belated maligayang araw ng kagitingan to everyone in the Philippines ;). Hope you find these useful!


curl your lashes first

I had my first fear of eyelash curlers when my mom used one on me for my preschool graduation. I swear to you my six year old self thought the curler was going to rip all my lashes out. It didn’t by the way :) And since then i never really enjoyed using it. For those of you who don’t mind using a curler it’s really good to curl your lashes with it before applying any mascara. And for those of you who dislike curlers like i do, there are a few mascara wands that could do the curling for us. I was fairly happy with Maybelline Falsies Mascara till i started using Hypercurl Volume Express and noticed that Hypercurl does the curling thrice as nice as Falsies can.

wiggle it

Ive seen girls apply their first coat of mascara by swiping the wand on their lashes left and apply the second coat by swiping it right. For me though, that method clumps the mascara on my lashes even more. So what i like to do is stroke the wand in a mini zig zag direction as i run it up my lashes. That way the mascara covers my lashes with less clumping.

apply mascara on the side corners of your lashline
and lower lashes for a fuller effect

Applying mascara on our outer and lower lashline will open and lift the eyes. Both areas however are quite hard to reach with a mascara wand. I tilt the wand vertically to reach my outer corner lashes and gently brush the wand left and right over my lower lashline. If this still doesnt work, you can also use a tiny lip brush to apply the mascara on the areas the wands cant reach. Its honestly more work for me but it does the job well. Paying attention to the little details count.

clean up excess mascara using cotton buds and makeup remover

Pretty self explanatory but i just wanna point out that the alternative method, which is to cover up a mascara mishap with a foundation, doesnt really work all the times. Especially if the area is close to your eyes or on the area where you apply eyeshadow on. Its still best to patiently dab the area with a cotton tip with makeup remover before applying any makeup over it. Because foundation can slip throughout the day and some products dont really give full on concealing coverage. Also just a quick reminder, taking off all your eye makeup thouroughly is the best way to avoid eyelash fallout, irritation, or damage.

save up on the mascara

As much i love high end brand mascaras like my little Lancome Hypnose mascara, i never really get to use up an entire bottle of mascara without it drying out in the bottle first. That’s why i like to save money by exploring the drugstore brands. And when it comes to drugstore mascara Maybelline already has a pretty good reputation for having the best affordable mascaras ever. My favorite so far are Falsies, and Hypercurl mascara — which btw is going to be more affordable cause starting today all Hypercurl Mascaras at any Watsons Store will cost for only P199, and on July it’ll price down nationwide.

Any other tricks you want to share? :)
*In collaboration with Maybelline