Makeup Routine : Things We Usually Skip But Shouldn’t

Things in our makeup routine that we usually skip but shouldn’t — otherwise known as stuff i do out of laziness… or stuff i do when my day is hectic and I only have a few hours left to cross things off my list before a deadline. Bracing myself cause that is how June is for me. Even my usually relaxed blog is going to have some extra excitement this month cause I’ll be working with Maybelline and talk to you about my thoughts on some of the products they sent over for review.

I decided I wanted to include some more Maybelline items that I’ve been using for almost a year now, and vouch for them in a form of a reminder. Kind of a nudge on why I shouldn’t skip these steps when i put on (and take off) my makeup as i buzz through this very hectic month.


Don’t skip the mascara

I feel like lots of us do this. Most of the time its not really because were lazy to put mascara on — we are just too darn lazy to remove them at night. Amirite? Trying to change that though! Cause my lashes are few, quite short, and well pretty close to non existent without a proper mascara. And if you ignore the fact that I’m not looking at the camera lens on my photo below, you’ll notice that in there is the best angle of my lashes ever photographed in this blog. My lashes don’t look as long and curled up like that unless I’m wearing false lashes or in this case when I’m using Maybelline’s Hypercurl Mascara (BTW this mascara is currently P249 but after June 12 it’ll be P199 only!).

Don’t leave the house without sealing
your makeup with a setting powder 

This one came from my old habit of not using face powder cause I want to get a dewy makeup look, at the expense of my concealer creasing underneath my eyes. But since I’m getting more into fresh, matte makeup looks lately I’ve learned to appreciate how much it seals and helps keep my makeup fresh throughout the day. I’ve genuinely been liking Maybelline’s White Superfresh Powder for that. My highschool-face-powder-junkie-self would’ve liked this product.

shayne naidas
maybelline hypercurl mascara, maybelline baby lips, maybelline white superfresh powder, makeup remover review


Dont forget to moisturize your lips before applying lipstick

Thanks to my love for lipsticks, specifically matte — the most drying formula ever — I gave into the need to moisturize my lips all the time. Cause if i don’t my lips will chap, unwanted lines will crack, and i wont be able to resist the urge to peel off my dry lips. So bad. I’ve had two tubes of Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm before (pink blue one) and i loved it! Now I’m currently using this other version, an orange citrus-y one that smells as nice and as inviting as most of their lip balms.

Don’t give up on blending your eyeshadows well

I do this out of laziness and frustration. I’m not very good with eyeshadows, mostly because its hella hard to make them look good on hooded lids. And eyeshadows for me take forever and a half to blend well. I mean if the colors are similarly close to each other no problem. But when its a very light champagne shade plus dark brown we’re going to be blending for days (kidding!). Still working on this, you know what the gurus say practice makes perfect!

Don’t be lazy and remove your eye makeup before bed 

Cause when were finally home dead tired from our busy day who has time for this?… “Everybody Shayne everybody” lol! I can almost hear you all say that. Anyway i’ve mentioned before how much I’m pleased with Maybelline’s Eye & Lips Makeup Remover cause it’s effective and it is super affordable. I try not to skip this the most cause if I don’t, the makeup left could potentially irritate my eyes when i sleep, or worse… damage a precious strand of hair from my very small collection of eyelashes!

Anybody else is guilty of doing the same things? :)

*In collaboration with Maybelline