The First Makeup Products I Ever Bought

Hi guys! Let me start by saying that this entry is rather a semi-useless post in a sense that the products I’m about to mention are ancient history (a.k.a. they no longer exist). So there will be no lengthy reviews or recommendations. Just some good ol fashion sharing of things that made an impact on my interest in beauty products.

Can you still remember the first makeup products you’ve ever bought? I’m pretty sure mine were a little bit more than this, but since I haven’t slept properly for the past five days, this is the farthest my brain can recall lol.



Back then, I swore I’ll never wear makeup ever (unless it’s prom night). Then my sassy friends introduced me to a face powder, then a lip gloss, and next thing you know I was at the counter about to buy my first blush. A liquid blush to be precise (cause I could spread it on my skin like a lotion very beginner friendly). Since I was the most inconsistent teenager, after that I made another fail decision that I will never wear eye makeup. Didn’t you guys hate lining your waterline with a pencil or squeezing your eyelashes with a curler?

I eventually learned to get used to it though, like with most of the products listed here. If I hadn’t found my favorite Lancome foundation I’d probably still be storing bottles of Palladio’s Liquid Foundation in my drawer (I’ve used up around three of this). And if Smashbox didn’t discontinue this beautiful nude shade, I’d for sure have one just like it piled up with my army of MLBB lipsticks.

I mostly explored drugstore makeup at first. Then I dove into the world of high end brands only to find out that higher price tags does not necessarily mean better quality. I blame this on the MAC concealer that sucked out the moisture off my under eye areas and the Lancome mascara sample that occasionally smudges. But you know what’s fascinating about all these? I still continued to use them lol. I guess I wasn’t really as critical then :)

I’m going to end here now before I turn this post turn into a novel. I hope you enjoyed this quick chat! And if you feel like it, you could also share some of the first makeup products you’ve ever bought here or on your blog. I’d love to know, I’m a really nosy person when it comes to these things.