The Hourglass Palette : Is It Really Worth It?

I’ve always had my eyes set on this palette since it first came out. But I wanted to make sure first that I was buying it for the right reasons, by that I mean not just because the packaging is shiny (it’s my weak spot) so I took my time review hopping and debating whether it’s really worth spending on or not.

Just when I’m about to hit the check out button, it got sold out! And let me just say that missing out on a limited edition product is one of the worst regrets ever. Guys, I dreamed about this palette constantly, it’s ridiculous. That’s why as soon as Hourglass made it permanent on their makeup line, I bought it immediately.

did it live up to its reputation?

Basically, because of the amount of hype over this palette, the waiting, the expensive price, and not to mention that sleek packaging that makes me feel like I’m Athena just by looking at it, I had really high hopes for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. And to be honest, it isn’t what I imagined it would be.

First powder from the left is called Dim light. Now I thought this was going to be just another setting powder. I wasn’t really excited about it until I looked in the mirror and noticed that half of my face (where Dim Light was applied) looked like it was slightly airbrushed. What kind of sorcery is this! You know how Instagram filters blur imperfections off our faces then brightens it up? It does the same thing in a natural, subtle way. This is hands down the best setting powder in my book :)

Incandescent Light I thought I’d love this , but this thing can reflect way too much light sometimes. You can see it lightly applied on my natural makeup look pic below (noticeable on the nose area). It’s more shiny than luminous. Maybe it’ll work perfectly for super glowy / party makeup look, but as something to wear while I run around to check off my errands list, it’s too much. Also, I discovered recently that it easily turns oily when it’s humid.

The same thing happens with Radiant Light, only a lot subtler and easily forgivable because this color is beautiful. It’s a nice golden peach with a slight shimmer. Much like my favorite highlighter / bronzer duo from MAC. As far as the quality goes, all three powders all soft and last a long time.

final thoughts

All together the palette isn’t bad. In fact it’s a nice compact thing to bring around in your bag cause most of the things you need for the face is in there. Plus the powders are fairly good too except for Dim Light Dim Light is AMAZING, you guys will love it!

I still think it’s better to get them separately instead of buying the entire palette. If I had to chance to rethink it over I’d get Dim Light in a heartbeat, probably skip Radiant Light because it has a cheaper dupe (but same good quality) from MAC, and pass on Incandescent Light because there are other better highlighters than it.

Also I’m not sure if this is just on my skin, but Incandescent Light turns oily when it’s hot. Has anyone experienced the same thing? So if you live in a tropical country or at least spend most of your time at a humid workplace, you may want to pass on Incandescent as well. What do you guys think of the palette? Would you purchase it?


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