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Hello gurlz! I wanted to do something a bit more personal today so here’s a bunch of random embarrassing moments of my life. Don’t worry nothing sexual here, you know just in case someone was thinking it (you dirty minded person) :)


first best friend

Was my next door neighbor, we bonded over watching Disney films then we would disturb our entire neighborhood by singing the Aladdin movie soundtrack. NON. STOP. We could have done it inside her room but nooo we wanted a bigger audience, so we sang right outside her house, where more people could listen to us against their will. We clearly had no shame back then.

first record ever bought

The Aladdin movie soundtrack in cassette tape to practice my singing with my best friend. Then I bought Beauty & The Beast and The Little Mermaid.


first school crush

This skinny little boy in prep school. I think my teacher knew that I had a crush on him; during my birthday party she forced my crush to take a picture with me near my birthday cake. We both clearly didn’t want to do it but everybody was looking so it felt like we had no choice. I—wanted—to—die.

first kiss

Was with my first serious boyfriend. My parents were very strict, I wasn’t allowed to date then. But being the rebellious teenager I was, we had to choose the one place where I shouldn’t be having my first kiss at all… right in front of our house. We didn’t get caught :}

first celebrity crush

My first serious… and I mean stalker level serious crush was Legolas from LOTR. All my friends knew I was obsessed with him so one of them gave me an enormous poster of his gorgeous face — which I glued to my ceiling right on top of my bed so I could stare at him ’til I fell asleep. Cray cray lol.


first pet

A yellow duckling, and yes I got one as a live substitute for the famous rubber ducky I kept seeing on cartoon shows. With that picture in my head, I happily gave my pet duck a looong bubble bath, thinking that was where he belonged. The next morning my duck died =|

I was devastated, so for my next pet I got myself a bunch of goldfish THERE IS NO WAY THEY WOULD DIE FROM TAKING A BATH THIS TIME. I didn’t give them a bubble bath but I still accidentally killed them by overfeeding them. Apparently they have no concept of breakfast, lunch, and dinner and will not stop eating until all the food in the tank is gone.

first gadget

When I was really young, I had to convince my dad that I NEEDED a pager for school those little things doctors use for emergency calls I must’ve said something really annoying cause he ended up buying me one :D

first big purchase

My first cellphone. Since I already asked my parents to buy me a pager I couldn’t ask them again for a cellphone. So I saved up all my allowance and ate banana bread for lunch for months to buy my first phone.


first blog post

My first blog entry isn’t posted anymore. It was a short introduction of myself and me nervously saying hello to the blogging community nobody said hello back lol, which then made me feel forever alone. But that thankfully didn’t stop me from blogging because later on I met a lot of great friends here.

first make-up

A rosy pink Johnson & Johnson face powder, which is more of a blush really. I was so excited I used it all over my face — made me look like a giant strawberry. Thankfully after a few weeks of embarrassment, I learned my lesson and used it just on my cheeks.

I TAG these pretty ladies :
Diana, Vanessa, Natasja, Charms, Naaj, and You! :)
What are your “first time” moments?

credits : all fluttershy pics on this post were taken from the internet


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