Lush : Ocean Salt Scrub

Goodness I did not know it had VODKA in it! That’s why i love its scent so much! — this was my response to Wendy’s review on Lush’s Ocean Salt Scrub. Which by the way also gave me the final push to grab it from the counter ASAP, thank you very much. Not that I drink a lot, nor does the product smell alcoholic, I just really like this scent :) I’ve been using it for quite awhile now, and it makes me happy as a clam every time I shower with it.

cocktails by the beach

It smells AMAZING you guys, like lemon salt with a tiny tiny hint of vodka in it… It reminds me of my beach adventures. I usually go for sweet shower scents but there’s something “fishy”, as my boyfriend would like to describe it, about this product that I quite enjoy. It’s a delicious looking white cream with blue sea salt topping that you will eventually have to stir and mix before using it.

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the good & the bad

As a body scrub this is a great product… as a facial scrub not so much, well at least for me. This may not be a problem for you. I got (very few) tiny rashes on my face from using it as a facial scrub. As a body scrub it cleans good, scrubs gently but thoroughly, and does an EXCELLENT job at softening my skin during and after shower.

I feel like the silky moisture it provides is a bit in a higher league compared to other body scrubs I’ve tried. Something I would expect to get from my favorite TCF milk bath creams but better. I didn’t notice that it brightened my skin in any way yet, but it also didn’t make it dull so that’s a good thing. Perhaps if I use it longer?

The only downside I could think of would have to be it’s price. It costs P595.00 (13USD) for a small 120g tub that may not at all last long because a little does not go a long way with Ocean Salt. If I am not mistaken, I think this product was originally meant, packaged, and priced as a facial scrub but eventually made its way to being a body scrub cause people started using it that way.

final thoughts

This isn’t really a practical purchase. If you’re just looking for a good body scrub, there are other brands with similar or much cheaper prices (i like St. Ive’s apricot body scrub) that are fairly good and has more product in it. However, if like me, you’re looking for something extra special for your shower experience (which is basically what Lush is all about) then this is for you. The only deal breaker would be if you don’t like this particular scent or if it isn’t compatible with your skin. But for me, I think it’s worth it and I looove this stuff. I’m going to have to pace myself with using this so it’ll last longer in my shower stash. What are your favorite Lush products? :)


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