Christmas DIY : Easy Homemade S’mores

Do you remember your first memory of Christmas? I can mostly recall getting super excited about the presents. I would stay in front of our HUGE Christmas tree (I was very small back then) and when I knew that no one is looking, I’d peek inside every gift. Such a little brat. Everything about Christmas seemed to fascinate me back then, they still do now, but nothing compares to how I felt about it when I was just a little kid.

S’mores anyone?

There is something about S’mores that strangely reminds me of Christmas and makes me feel like a kid again. No, I didn’t get to eat a lot of S’mores when I was little, in fact I wasn’t into sweets. I would rather devour an entire juicy ham than eat dessert. But on days when the weather is cold, Mariah Carey’s Christmas songs are playing in the background, and I’m all alone in my room with my little dog Bentley, S’mores is what I crave for.

Sweet Ingredients

It will always be forevermore one of the most extremely-messy-to-eat desserts. But that’s a part of its charm isn’t it? You just need to assemble your favorite chocolate bar and some marshmallows, in between two graham crackers.

Melt The Mallows

While nothing beats the fun of heating up the marshmallows on a campfire, you can easily do this at home using a toaster oven or a microwave. I let mine melt inside the microwave for 15 seconds. I think around 20 seconds is also favorable, especially if you prefer your marshmallow mega melted. I haven’t tried using a toaster oven for this, but I think that it is a better option. It can create a thin crispy burnt covering on the marshmallows that will make your S’mores extra special.

Look at how gooey and delicious these are! If I could send you some right now I would, and we can all run together tomorrow morning to burn off all the calories!

I’m off to attend a Christmas Party at a friend’s house in a bit, and while I know that most of us are busier than ever these days I hope to read some updates on your blogs tomorrow morning! Only three more days before Christmas!!


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