Burberry Lip Velvet Lipstick : Pink Amber

It’s becoming a sad reality that most of my beauty products purchases have to be done online. A lot of the good ones are unavailable here. Aside from not having the experience of adoring the product right after I pay for it, (because shipping here takes forrrever! In real terms – a month) there’s a huge risk because I won’t know if I really like the product or not until after I’ve paid for it and it arrives. Will this foundation break me out? Are the blush colors really the same as the one on Temptalia’s review? Or will that shade of lipstick match me?

More than anything else, that was my biggest concern when I purchased Burberry’s Lip Velvet Lipstick in Pink Amber. Their Lip Velvet line is basically a collection of highly wearable matte lipsticks in a sleek magnetic tube that also attracts the little coins in my purse. There is something about matte lipsticks that makes your lips look naturally plump like soft pillows, which is why I prefer to wear it more often than my other lipsticks.

Lipstick like velvet
Wearing and trying on zillions of matte lipsticks taught me one lesson – it will suck out the moisture from your lips. Naturally, I expected Burberry Lip Velvet to be just that as well, and I was surprised, in a really good way, to be wrong about this. It is not at all drying and it really does feel like velvet on your lips as you apply it and while you’re wearing it. It is remarkably comfortable and light weight. And although its texture is very creamy it stays in place most of the time.

Right Shade Of Coral
For those of you ladies who love to wear coral peachy shades of make up, I envy you. I wish I could love orange tones as much as you do, they are simply not flattering on me. But that of course didn’t stop me from buying Burberry’s Pink Amber shade. And if you are anything like me, who finds it difficult to spot a good coral shade, I might say that this could just be it.

Pink Amber is a beautiful medium coral pink lipstick that I believe is highly wearable and would look good on most skintones. You get a lot of color in one swipe and I could say that it’s almost opaque. I have discoloration on my lips, and while it does not entirely even out the color of my lips, it is good enough for me and will probably be just right for most of you. The color is bright but subtle because it’s matte. It has a tiny tiny bit of sheen that makes your lips look super moisturized and JUICIER. It lasts nicely for around six hours on my lips with some signs of fading after that or after meals.

If by any chance you are reading this on a month other than December, well then! Merry Christmas to you in advance! And please ignore my Santa hat, this picture was taken during Christmas season.

Does lipstick scent matter to you?
Okay so it does have a downside for me, and although I find this matter very important, it might not be at all significant to most of you. My nose is painfully sensitive. A scent, even if it smells good, can easily make me feel uncomfortable. This lipstick has a slightly strong floral and faint waxy scent. When it is on your lips, from time to time, you get reminded that the scent is there especially when a breeze passes by your mouth, which I DISLIKE because it feels like I can taste the flower and the wax. I discovered that if you put gloss over it, the scent is somehow trapped and unnoticeable, but that defeats the whole purpose of it being a matte lipstick, right?

Even though the scent bothers me, because the color is so beautiful, and texture and quality of it is remarkably creamy and moisturizing especially for a matte lipstick, I still wear it quite often. It is however stopping me from trying out their other beautiful shades that I originally plan on getting. If I get used to its scent, hopefully, I might end up buying them. I would recommend this lipstick to absolutely all matte lipsticks lovers (you will LOVE it) and to anyone who is looking for a lipstick that they could comfortably wear everyday in terms of texture and color.

That is it for today ladies. Have a lovely day! :)

Burberry Lip Velvet Lipstick Pink Amber | Cost : PHP1750.00 | Bought through Beloved7Shop


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