My Favorite Liquid Eyeliner By K-Palette

Every now and then I discover a beauty product that is so good I want to distribute it to all my friends. If I had all the money in the world, I would definitely give each one of you a K-palette liquid eyeliner. Unfortunately I cannot turn that intention into reality, so let me just share with you the reasons why I like this eyeliner and encourage you to try it out because it is really good and I highly recommend it :)


K-Palette Real Lasting 1 Day Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner – Super Black

I consider this my holy grail eyeliner pen. I have extremely oily eye lids which make it hard for me to find eyeliners that do not smudge and give me “racoon eyes”. I am also not very good at perfectly drawing the lines or creating flicks and wings using any eyeliner. If you can relate with me with both of those things then we have found our savior.


K-Palette Real Lasting 1 Day Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner Super Black

This eyeliner pen has a fine micro fiber brush tip, which makes it very easy to use and to control.It glides softly on my eye lids when applied and it dries very quickly. It never smudged on my oily eye lids throughout the day, even when it was a bit more humid. I haven’t really tested if it can last an entire 24 hours, but I can apply it in the morning and the lines still look pretty much the same until I come home at night to remove my make up.


K-Palette Real Lasting 1 Day Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner – Super Black Swatch

Just to show you how stable this eyeliner is, this is my attempt to do a little experiment with it. I always fancy seeing bloggers do this kind of experiment with cosmetics. The picture above is a line created using K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner with one quick stroke. Below is the same line shown after being rubbed and another one after being exposed to water and rubbed again.


Swatch after being rubbed | Swatch after being exposed to water and rubbed again

As you can see there is not much of a difference. It did not smudge at all, which I think is the most important thing, at least for me. The line however, lightened a bit. But you have to take note that eyeliner applied on our lids do not really go through these conditions all the time. I also want to point out that althought its name “one day tatoo” can sound quite intimidating, it is not hard to remove this make up at all. A few swipes with a facial cleansing wipe will work.

You can click on the link below if you would like to see this eyeliner worn in one of my make up looks. I hope this inspired you to check out this brand, most especially if you are still on the hunt for your perfect liquid eyeliner. Have a great weekend ladies! :)

Picture of me wearing this eyeliner

K-Palette Real Lasting Liquid Eyeliner Pen – Super Black
PHP795.00 at Beauty Bar Philippines
K-Palette Philippines Facebook
K-Palette logo from their website


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