Red ♥

The color red was something I never dreamed of wearing on my lips. I thought this color was only meant for bold and confident women. Traits I don’t always find in me. Besides I was never really proud of my lips. I was actually quite ashamed of them. As a teenager, I learned a lot of strange misconceptions on what is “beautiful”. It made me awfully insecure about certain parts of my body. But as I surrounded myself with confident women who expressed their own beauty in different ways (especially here in the blogging community), it encouraged me to do the same :)

I pushed myself into trying things I would usually run away from. Two of which are to wear this bold make up look and to post a picture of myself wherein I am not smiling haha. I usually dislike pictures of myself wherein I don’t smile. Surprisingly, I am now quite pleased with both. I never expected I’d like this color on me nor would I feel comfortable wearing it. It seems that after conquering those misconceptions that have been whispering in my ears for many years I gained a little bit of “red” – confidence and boldness. I guess what I am trying to impart to you here is, if any of you feel the same way with certain things about yourself I encourage you to confront and conquer those mindsets :)

Just in case you are wondering, the red lipstick that I wore in these photos is Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Gabrielle, which was a gift from Shari (The Misty Mom) and Mari (Beloved 7 Shop). Review on the lipstick will be up soon! :) Take care!


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